23 Year Anniversary of American Eagle Flight 4184

On October 31st 1994 American Eagle flight 4184 was flying from Indianapolis to Chicago. The plane was an ATR 72 registered as N401AM. There were 64 passengers and 4 crew members. During the flight the pilots received an overspeed flaps warning. The pilots then configured the flaps up. However the plane then banked 59 degrees to the right instantly and began to plummet to the ground. The pilots tried to pull the plane up however it was no use. The plane crashed killing all 70 on board. The cause of the crash was due to ice on the wings that got wedged into the flaps. When the flaps went up the ice shifted and forced the plane into a dive. Rest In Peace everyone who was on board.

Air Crash Investigation


Sad things sad things

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Is there an Air Crash Investigation on it?

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