23 JUN 2022 Boston (BOS) - Washington (DCA)


Aircraft: A220, A320, A321, B737-800, CRJ-700
Airlines: JetBlue, Delta, American, Breeze

Copy my FPL

7:30 AM pst

Training Server

Please arrive 5 minutes before departure time

Can you share this with everyone?

It is shared with everyone

Sure will join … how long will be flight ?

About an hour

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Great… here acc to ist its 8 pm tonight @23 jun am i correct ?

Hey mate, you cant post group flights until it is within 3 hours before. But looks like a fun flight!

Oh sorry, I didn’t know that!

No worries will surely join before 5 mints

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Sorry but I have camp so I won’t be able to join

Good morning everyone, are we still doing this flight?

Yes we are

Can I join?

Spawn in about 20 minutes, I’m gonna create a pm for this flight

Ok I will be there

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Of course!

I thought I was?

Let’s leave BOS @9:00mst 8:00pst, 10:00est

I will join this one! :)

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8:00 is cutting close for me because I have to leave at 8:45, we can leave at 7:45 if that works