23 hour flight (finished)

Hey guys!

Im trying to beat my highest reccord flight of 6hours and 14 mins! I have been flying VFR around singapore ever since i took off from singapore at 1:36am and i just reached my 17 Hour! And im planning to land back at around 10-11pm at 23rd September! And im asking if someone could take a photo of me land and send it to me! Would be very appreciated if you do!

(Flight ended)

Thanks to all who came and visited me! I did not expect that much people to come in! The flight actually lasted for 23 hours some of you might not know i actually kept going after my landing before my body gave up

Photo evidence :)

Because i was too tired and my brother not expecting me to increase my flight time (we only planned to fly for 20 hours) i didnt reach my goal of 36 hours that will have to come at another time 😉. Alot of people asked how much exp i earned and i forgot to take a photo (because i was to tired) but i do remember i earned 17000 exp

As for my next long flight, it will remain secret untill my 22hour of my flight in which i will post a topic about it! Keep an eye out of any free flying A340 (House colours), A318 (house colours) and 787-8 (infinite flight) colours just remember my name will be different. Most likely riegon will be singapore so keep an eye out for any planes flying on VFR.

Once again thanks to all who joined me

Sorry for my terifying English


What server?
Picture where did it go?

There sorry it was buggy

Training server
Singapore region

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make sure to send us a screenshot of your xp when you end it lol


Where are you landing, and what’s your call sign? (Btw, what is your time zone?)

Share it here, what a cool attempt (-:




Hi! I should be landing back at singapore callsign F-WWCA my time zone is GMT london time

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Ok, so 2-3 more hours until landing?, I would go until you would have flown for a whole day, she submit it to the world records page, (the old record was 23:59)

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Keep Going!


How about i go for 38 hours? S

Don’t let your device explode then!

You still flying?, I will come…

I think he is. I’m going to go say hi soon.

I was just there, escorting him in the f22 :)




Hahaha, no problem…

Thanks to all that visited me! :)