[23 attending] Seattle Tacoma Flyout @KSEA 111900ZMAY19

Seattle Tacoma flyout


Airport description


Event information

Server: Expert
Time: 2019-05-11T19:00:00Z
Airport: KSEA
▪Please spawn in at least 10-15 before the event starts
▪ Please respect Unicom if there’s no ATC available
▪Please feel free to ask for a route that’s not in this event but it has to be a real life route
▪Be respectful towards other pilots and just have fun

Terminal Gates

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Route
A01 Delta 737-800 KSLC
A02 United 737-800 KORD @Elliott
A03 Delta 757-200 KDTW
A04 Delta 757-200 KJFK @danielsalome04
A05 United A320 KEWR
A06 Air Canada A320 CYYZ @Flying_Ryan
A07 Delta 757-200 KATL
A08 United 737-900 KIAH
A09 Delta 737-800 KSAN @Harry5
A10 Air Canada Dash 8 Q400 CYVR
A11 Delta 717 KDEN
A12 Delta A319 KSFO
A13 Delta 767-300 ZVPG
A14 Delta 787-8 RJAA
Concourse B
Gates Airline Aircraft Route
B01 Frontier A320 KDEN
B03 Southwest 737-700 KLAS
B04 Spirit A321 KLAS
B05 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KBNA
B06 Southwest 737-800 KSJC
B07 Southwest 737-800 KPHX
B08 Southwest 737-700 KDEN
B09 Southwest 737-700 KMDW @Kevinsoto1502
B10 Southwest 737-700 KOAK
B11 Alaska Airlines A320 KSJC @Key
B12 Southwest 737-800 KDAL @JeromeJ
B14 Jetblue A321 KBOS @Niccckk
B15 Delta A321 KJFK
Concourse C
Gates Airline Aircraft Route
C03 Alaska Airlines A320 KLAS
C09 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KOAK
C11 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KSFO
C15 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KBOS
C17 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KLAX
C20 Alaska Airlines A320 KDAL
C18 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KPSP
Q01 Alaska airlines A320 KOKC
Q02 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KSNA @TheFlyingGuy1
Q03 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KGEG
Q04 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KRDM
Q05 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KPSC
Q06 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KBOI
Q07 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KRNO @Matthew_20204
Q09 Horizen Air Dash 8 Q400 KONT
Q10 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KBZN
Q12 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KPUW
Q13 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KPDX
Q14 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KBLI @GlobalFlyer1
Q15 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KYKM
Q16 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 KEUG
Concourse D
Gates Airline Aircraft Routes
D01 Alaska Airlines 737-900 PANC @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
D02 Alaska Airlines A320 KORD
D03 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KBUR
D04 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KATL
D05 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KSAN
D07 American 737-800 KJFK
D08 American A320 KLAX
D09 American A321 KDFW
D10 American A321 KCLT @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
D11 American 737-800 KMIA
North Sattelite
Gates Airline Aircraft Routes
N01 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KOMA
N02 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KCMH
N03 Alaska Airlines 737-900 PHNL
N04 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KMSP
N06 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KPHL
N07 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KDCA
N08 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KBWI
N09 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KJFK @Dylan_M
N09A Alaska Airlines 737-800 KCHS
N10 Alaska Airlines A320 KFAT
N11 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KDTW
N12A Alaska Airlines 737-900 KMCO @A350iscool
N12B Alaska Airlines 737-900 KIAH
N12C Alaska Airlines 737-800 KABQ
N12D Alaska Airlines 737-900 KMSY
N12E Alaska Airlines 737-900 KTPA
N14 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KMCI
N15 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KFAI
N16 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KSDA
South Sattelite
Gates Airline Aircraft Route
S01A Volaris A319 MMGL
S01 Delta 767-300 LFPG
S02 ANA 787-10 RJAA
S03 Delta 767-300 EHAM
S04 British Airways 787-9 EGLL @anon58665202
S05 Xiamen 787-8 ZGSZ @NathanD
S06 Asiana 777-200ER RKSI
S07 Korean 777-200ER RKSI
S08 Iceland Air 757-200 BIKF
S09 Lufthansa A330 EDDF @Logan_Lee
S10 Delta 767-300 ZBAA
S11 Aeromexico 737-700 MMMX
S12 Eva Air 777-300ER RCTP @Captain_JR
S15 Emirates 777-300ER OMDB @HerrMrSir
S16 Virgin EGLL 787-9 @United_1154

▪I’ll add cargo if requested

Please vote for my next event

  • Washington (KIAD)
  • Boston (KBOS)
  • Minneapolis (KMSP)
  • Dallas (KFDW

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Please choose one option in the poll I made a mistake and it won’t let me change it

Please join my other event if you haven’t


I’ll take B12 to KDAL in a 737-800

Horizon Air

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Oh my word I feel dumb😂 but you’re signed up

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Concourse A, gate A09 to KSAN please

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You’re in thanks for signing up

I will take a Southwest gate to SJC representing SWVA! I will decide my call sign later but I will fly with the 738! See you there!


May I have this Gate, Please and also could I use the 777-300ER instead, with the Generic Livery, Thank You?

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You’re signed up thanks for attending

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Ok I’ll sign you up for that thanks for attending

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Hey, could I possibly change up a Alaska gate to a 739 to KJFK? Thanks

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I’ll take B14 to Boston, please.

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@Matthew_20204 Just so you know, in the D concourse, Alaska has gates 1,2,3,4,5,and 6. American operates Gates 7,8,9,10, and 11.

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May I have gate S16 to EGLL?

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Thanks for letting me know ill change it

@Dylan_M @Niccckk @United_1154 you guys are signed up see you there

Any Alaska gate?

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Ok thank you

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Lets fill up KSEA so sign up and let’s make this a great event

If you want my gate just tell me and I’ll sign you up for it