[23 Attending] [Partnered with PFG!] Welcome to Japan! [Let’s Recreate a Live Airport No. 6] Tokyo Narita Intl. Flyout @ RJAA 042100JAN20

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Private Flying Group has officially partnered with us and will partnering with the rest of the events in this series, we deeply thank you.


This event will be on Saturday, January 4, 2020. It is a part of a once-a-month series called, “Let’s Recreate a Live Airport.” In each event thread, a poll will be posted deciding the next airport. Airport Suggestions are strongly suggested. This event was made in collaboration with @Captain_Merka and @Thunderbolt.

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Main Event Information

Server : Expert

Airport : RJAA

Time : 2100Z 2020-01-04T22:00:00Z2020-01-04T23:00:00Z

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NOTAM : Pattern Work is not allowed at any event in this series. Straight out departures only. Staying true to standard airport rules, Boeing B747s and Airbus A380s must depart on Runway 34L/16R. All other aircraft smaller than a B777 or A340 will take off on runway 34R/16L. Aircraft larger or equal in size to an A340-600 or B777-300ER will use 34L/16R. Aircraft smaller than that will use 34R/16L

Image Credit: Kyodonews.net

Airport Info

Airport History:

Narita Airport opened on May 20, 1978 as a solution to noise and capacity issues at Tokyo Haneda Airport, approximately 49.2 miles (79.2 kilometers) away. When it first opened, there was a lot of recoil from protesters. You can read more about it here:

Airport Charts:


Terminal 1

North Wing

Airlines: Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Alitalia, Air France, Delta Airlines, El Al, Etihad Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Hawaiian Airlines, KLM, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, and XiamenAir

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User
011 B77W Aeroflot UUEE
012 B772 Alitalia LIRF
013 B763 Hawaiian Airlines PHNL
014 B78X Etihad OMAA
015 B77W Air France LFPG
016 B78X El Al LLBG
017 B77W Garuda Indonesia WADD @Kyle107
018 B744 Delta Airlines KLAX @anon45500775
021 B763 Delta Airlines RPLL @jet_centric
022 B77L Delta Airlines KDTW @Southern_Aviator
023 A359 Delta Airlines KATL @Pingu
024 B788 AeroMexico MMMX
025 B788 Xiamen Air ZSFZ
027 A388 Korean Air RKSI @Thunderbolt
South Wing

Airlines: Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, EgyptAir, Eithiopian Airlines, EVA Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, and United Airlines

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User
031 B789 LOT EPWA
032 A388 Asiana Airlines RKSI @snoman
033 B789 United Airlines KEWR
034 B772 United Airlines KSFO @samihasan
035 B772 United Airlines KDEN @KGJT-9149
036 B77W Air New Zealand NZAA
037 B789 Air Canada CYVR @Planeboi19
038 B763 Air Canada CYYC
041 A321 EVA Air RCTP @LegendaryRoro88
042 B77W EgyptAir HECA @EyesSkyward
043 A346 Lufthansa EDDM
044 A333 Thai Airlines VTBS
045 B77W Singapore Airlines WSSS
046 B788 Ethiopian HAAB (via RKSI)
047 B77W Turkish Airlines LTFM
051 B78X All Nippon Airways KSJC @TransportForLife
052 B78X All Nippon Airways KIAD
053 B78X All Nippon Airways KIAH
054 B78X All Nippon Airways KORD
055 DH8D All Nippon Airways RJGG @Boeing757
056 B78X All Nippon Airways EBBR
057 B78X All Nippon Airways MMMX
058 A359 Finnair EFHK @mark.gregor.jaaska

Terminal 2


Airlines: American Airlines, AirAsia X, Air India, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Airlines, China Airlines, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Qatar, Pakistan International Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Scoot, S7 Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, TigerAir Taiwan, and VietJet Air

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User
061 B789 British Airways EGLL
062 B77W Cathay Pacific VHHH
063 A359 Cathay Pacific VHHH @CptJu
064 A333 Sri Lankan Airways VCBI
065 A359 Malaysian Airlines WMKK
066 B738 Malaysian Airlines WBKK
067 B77L Pakistan Airlines OPIS (Via ZBAA)
068 B789 American Airlines KORD @Scandanavian54super
071 B772 American Airlines KDFW @Adam_Norman
072 B789 American Airlines KLAX
073 A359 Qatar Airways OTHH @Declan_Mcgee
074 A359 Emirates OMDB @Captainshayan
075 A321 Phillippine Airlines RPLL
076 A321 Vietjet Air VVTS
077 A319 TigerAir Taiwan RCTP
078 B788 Scoot VTBD
081 B788 Air India VIDP
082 A333 China Airlines RCTP
083 B737 Air China ZBAA
084 A319 Air China ZUUU
085 A319 Air China ZSPD
086 A319 S7 Airlines UHWW
091 B789 Japan Airlines EFHK
092 B789 Japan Airlines YSSY
093 B789 Japan Airlines KBOS @tinytinnytin
094 B789 Japan Airlines KSAN @controlpointcardiff
095 B789 Japan Airlines YMMB
096 B772 Japan Airlines KJFK
097 B789 Japan Airlines ZSPD
098 B789 Japan Airlines PHNL
099 B772 Japan Airlines KLAX

Terminal 3


Airlines: JetStar and Peach

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User
076 B788 JetStar YBCG
077 B788 JetStar YBCS
150 A320 Peach Aviation RJBB
161 A320 Peach Aviation RJFU
162 A320 JetStar RJFK
163 A320 Peach Aviation RJCC
164 A320 JetStar RJSY
174 A320 Peach Aviation ROAH
175 A320 JetStar RJFT

Cargo Gates


Airlines: Atlas Air, Air Bridge Cargo, Cargolux, FedEx, Air France Cargo, UPS Airlines, Korean Air Cargo, Emirates Cargo, Qatar Air Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Nippon Cargo Airlines

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User
201 MD11 Lufthansa Cargo EDDF
202 MD11 UPS Airlines KSDF
203 MD11 UPS Airlines KONT
204 MD11 UPS Airlines RPLC
205 B77F Korean Air Cargo RKSI @Keegan_Butler
206 B77F Air France Cargo LFPG
207 B77F FedEx PANC
208 B77F FedEx KMEM
209 B77F FedEx KOAK
210 B77F Qatar Air Cargo VMMC
211 B77F Qatar Air Cargo OTHH
212 B748 Nippon Cargo KORD @GearDownAviationYT
221 B748 Nippon Cargo KJFK
222 B748 Nippon Cargo EHAM
223 B748 Nippon Cargo VTBS
224 B748 Nippon Cargo ZBTJ
225 B748 Nippon Cargo ZBAA
226 B748 Nippon Cargo CYEG
231 B748 Cargolux UNNT
231A B748 Cargolux ZSPD
231B B748 Air Bridge Cargo UUEE
231C B744 Atlas Air KCVG
232 B744 Atlas Air PANC

GA Remote Stands

Gate Aircraft Destination User
410R B737BBJ WSSS @BadPlane
410 C750 KMSY (via PAJN) @KennedyTurner

More will be added if needed.

Aircraft Dictionary

A319 = Airbus A319-100
A320 = Airbus A320-200
A321 = Airbus A321-200
A333 = Airbus A330-300
A346 = Airbus A340-600
A359 = Airbus A350-900
A388 = Airbus A380-800

B737 = Boeing B737-700
B738 = Boeing B737-800
B763 = Boeing B767-300
B772 = Boeing B777-200ER
B77L = Boeing B777-200LR
B77F = Boeing B777-200F Freighter
B77W = Boeing B777-300ER
B744 = Boeing B747-400
B748 = Boeing B747-8i
B788 = Boeing B787-8
B789 = Boeing B787-9
B78X = Boeing B787-10

C750 = Cessna Citation X/X+

McDonald Douglas
MD11 = McDonald Douglas MD-11F Freighter


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  • Sint Maarten (TNCM)
  • Innsbruck, Austria (LOWI)
  • Newark, New Jersey (KEWR)
  • Moscow, Russia (UUEE)
  • Faa’a, French Polynesia (NTAA)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (MMMX)

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@BadPlane @Thunderbolt @anon45500775

Can I have this please!


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No problem!

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This gate please

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Can I have an ANA 772 to RJOO?

By the way 2200z is 3pm pacific, not 2 like it says in the thread.

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@Thunderbolt There aren’t any open gates for requests, so you’ll have to choose a gate that’s already there.

Yay back up and running! Could I get this one please:

BTW this is a great thread


Can I have this gate?

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Yes sir, ill put you in now!

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Thanks so much

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Actually, due to flight time, can I switch to this gate?

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Lol sure, no problem!

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Added in the Aircraft Dictionary for those who don’t know their Aircraft ICAO’s!

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Gate 27, Korean Air to RKSI please. @snoman and I can use same flight plan.


Totally! I’ll PM you closer to the event so we can fly together :D

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Don’t forget to vote for the next airport!

T1 south wing, gate 047 ANA 78X to KSJC please!


Yes sir! I’ll put you in now!

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If @BigBert10 wanted to signup, he’d be mad at you XD