(23 Attending 53 Gates left), {Less than 2 weeks left}, Racing at the Crossroads of America!! | A Large Airport Flyout/ With a FedEx VA group flight to KEWR!! [@KIND- 271800ZDEC18]


Can I take the 739 instead of the 738 by any chance?


IRL Delta only uses a -8, but if you so please, nothing’s stopping you.


I just like those split scimitars :)


Let me take a guess, the Alaska Airlines 2016 livery?


Close, the more to love livery


I knew you were going to use that livery 😉


Attention all Southwest pilots, all of the routes are operated on a 737-700, as well as the 737-800 if you like the split scimitars.


Enjoy the Desert Gold livery (:


Can I use the Illinois One livery or is it taken


Of course you can. I don’t mind.


I’ll will take gate A23 to IAH


Hello, I’ll take Gate B23 to Las Vegas on a Southwest 737-800 Heart Livery. (KIND-KLAS)


@Jack_H, You’re all in.

@Cargo, That gate as well as the other Southwest gates are already taken…
If you want to fly to KLAS, I could give you an Allegiant A320 gate.


Can I have Gate A8 to KATL, and can I use the 739 instead of the 712 please?


Any Cargo gates open?


Sure. Gate A8 to KALT is all yours. If you would like to be more realistic, Delta flies the 757 on that route.

Yes!! Just look under the commercial gates.


Any Southwest Airlines Gates open?


Sorry, no. Those gates are all full. If someone has to cancel however, I could give you priority for those gates.

If you would like to do a cargo route, you would be the first cargo pilot.


I’ll take Cargo 32 to KLAX MD11F and if any Southwest gates come in than hook me up with flight to Midway on a Southwest 737 800 Heart Livery!


Cargo 32 is not a gate option as of right now. How about 34?


Can i have gate B9 to DFW?