(23 Attending 53 Gates left), {Less than 2 weeks left}, Racing at the Crossroads of America!! | A Large Airport Flyout/ With a FedEx VA group flight to KEWR!! [@KIND- 271800ZDEC18]


You think if it gets closer and there are still A gates you can add that route for me?


I’ll see what I can do. Make sure you stay posted though, and I hope you are able to attend.


Yes I will I’ll message you as it is closer


I request A17: United B737-800 to KSFO.


Hey, it appears I have made yet another mistake. That route was ment for KSFO. However, I will still allow you to fly that route for the event.

You could always hope in the Frontier A321, but I would have to make a special gate. The more realistic option would be a FedEx b767 in the genetic livery.

I once again apologize for the inconvenience.


Remember you can choose any route southwest offers in real life


Ok thank you


I will change to SFO.


All right you’re all set. Thanks for joining and I once again apologize.


REMEMBER to VOTE above so I know I’m using an optimal date.
I WILL close it when I reach 25 votes, or by the end of Friday.

Edit: The voting is now closed


Southwest gate B25 to KMCO is now open! Remember, if you find another realistic route Southwest fly’s, go ahead and request it!!


Don’t forget about the cargo routes!! If an airport you wanted to fly to isn’t in the commercial section, there’s a good chance you can find that route in the cargo section!


Im going to have keep bumbing this until we get some more people! Come join now while there are still plenty of routes available. There is only 1 international commercial flight left! Fly on an Air Canada CRJ-200 to Toronto Pearson International (CYYZ) !


Is that KMCL or KMCO???


Can I have B22 but to MDW please?


Can I have gate B25 to KMCO? Thank You


@John_Yang and @JeromeJ

your both in. Looks like you took the last Southwest gates.


Looks like you and all the other pilots will be able to fly on the new and improved 737 😁


Guess what airplane livery I get to use!


Hello @KIND9624, I will take the Desert Gold Livery Please for my flight. Thanks!