(23 Attending 53 Gates left), {Less than 2 weeks left}, Racing at the Crossroads of America!! | A Large Airport Flyout/ With a FedEx VA group flight to KEWR!! [@KIND- 271800ZDEC18]


Got you down, thanks for signing up.


Orlando executive is not a commercial airport. perhaps you meant MCO?


I’ll take B5 and fly the new “More to Love” livery.


Can I take gate B3
I will be doing a flight to KSTL then to KDEN
Callsign: NAZ32


Did you mean A3? B3 is an Allegiant fight to KPIE


@Joseph007, your in! Hopefully the “More to Love” livery is out by the time of the event!

@Delta319 Thanks for the correction! It is fixed (:


Can i have A11 please?


I will have gate A14. Thanks!


What airport were you supposed to put here? KORL is Orlando Executive aka not the main international hub – that’s KMCO.


@Matthew_20204, You’re in! Going for the short haul I see. I’ve flow that route many time IRL and in IF.
@Dylan_M You’re all to go to KLGA. I figured if you joined you would choose that route (:

@Nathan Thanks for the fix! I already made that mistake above. Oops…


Now everyone should know plz plz plz lol


@United2, I’m going to go ahead and give you gate A3 Frontier Flight to Denver.


I will take B25 to MCO


Put you in, thanks for signing up (:


I wanted to go to this but my route was taken. Also Delta has service to Seattle as well


How does gate A7 on a delta a319 sound?


I didn’t want to do that route. I was just letting you know. I wanted to fly to Paris


Ok. You can still fly a FedEx 777 to LFPG and become the first Cargo pilot.


Sorry but I don’t like cargo.


That’s to bad. I used to think that way before too (:
Anyways are there any other routes appealing to you? There are still plenty of gates left.