[23.3 Update] Shanghai Pudong International Airport | T3 construction site!

That’s insane. Can’t wait to see it in game


Looks fantastic, looking forward to see it😍

Beautiful artistic work

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Amazing. Congratulations for the mega job

amazing!!as a shanghainese,im so excited rn!!

Nice job。 man!

It looks awesome!!!

Woah!! Insane details. 😍😍

Both ZSSS and ZSPD means A LOT to us Shanghainese, MEGA MEGA THANKS to editors who have been working hard for these two airports.


Very authentic work! I hope this can help ease some international traffic from Beijing ZBAA. Also, I hope that Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l airport is next for the 3D airport work. It is the third busiest airport during the pre-pandemic time. The busiest during pandemic time. It is also serving airports around the world and also the hub of China Southern.

Yes it would be fun to fly China Southern A380’s out of ZGGG

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I see a masterpiece coming, great works!!

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Any updates yet?

Editors are volunteers, and in ZSPDs case, it is a massive airport that requires time. Just give it time and it will come.

It’s ready for release!



Will this be released in 23.1?

Let’s go!!! Such an amazing airport :D

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Now I will be able to fly from USA using cargo

ZSPD is too laggy. I think that it is the most laggy 3D airport in IF
It looks same problem as previous version of JFK
Eventually JFK was remade