23.1 delay

Why is 23.1 taking so long to release? We were told almost 2 weeks ago it is almost ready, so what’s the hold up?


Hello! I completely understand your frustration and eagerness for the release of 23.1. Unfortunately, it’s best that we continue to be patient with the developers. They are currently hard at work tackling features and bugs.

As we are aware, each server has had an update, expert server being one of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if developer efforts are being utilized to ensure that expert server can be utilized before pushing more things out that may affect it further. I believe there would be more discontent if they released an incredibly buggy update rather than if users had to wait a bit longer.

A big reason why developers do not announce a release date is because unforeseen issues to pop up from time to time and it’s best to squash those before they are opened up to the general public. Also, giving a date or even a hint that something is around the corner creates an expectation from the community, and if something happens, where it needs to be delayed, users will not be happy, as shown here.

Basically a TL;DR is that patience is a virtue and the eventual update will be more enjoyable as long as we maintain a positive attitude regarding the process.