22SEP20/2125Z My first ever group flight @KIAH

Group Flight

Hey guys I’m planning on making my first IFC group flight and hopefully it goes good

  • 737-800 United (2019):

  • George Bush Intercontinental to Orlando International:

  • 4:25pm CST September 22nd:

  • This will be on the Expert Server:

  • Flight time 2 hours, FL380 and copy my FPL and have fun if you want to join!!:

Hey there! 1125Z has already passed. For reference, 4:25pm Central is rather 2125Z.

Have a great flight, looks like a great route!

Yeah I messed up the zulu time its confusing for me but thx

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Hi @Captain_Atic_YT ! I am joining possibly. DM me when u starting.

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Sure thing

I’ll join would you mind if I fly a 737-900ER instead. I hope that’s not bad

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Sure 737-900er flies this route too im kinda basing realism so sure go ahead

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Ok sounds great I’ll be there

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Will you come out with flight info before

Yes like 20 minutes before

Ill see if I can make it

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K guys the flight info is use an appropriate UAL callsign park between C1-C15 and takeoff runways 15L/R landing runway 36L/R and parking gates 30-53. Copy my FPL and follow sids and stars and go up to FL370 and start spawning in at 4:20CST 2120Z see you there

Ok sorry for late response

Shouldn’t we be using an odd altitude since we are headed east

Ohhhh yeah my bad we’ll be 370 typo

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We should also land on 36L that’s where the winds are it’s a perfect headwind right now

Ok your totally fine don’t worry

lemme edit it

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Ok sounds great

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Alright when you guys are ready ill be there whne the time comes cya there guys

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