22R At KORD?

What happened to 22R at KORD? literally doesn’t show up on the map, or the runways page of KORD lol. Is it closed in real life or something?

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I noticed that 27C ain’t their either I’m not sure did they take it out due to construction taking place IRL.

Hey, probably someone at the IFAET (Airport editing team) removed that, for any reason. However, If you think that the runway is still , why not joining the IFAET?

See this post for the reason behind 22R’s removal:

As for 27C, no satellite imagery source currently has that runway.

You can’t just “join” the team and try to bring a sledgehammer to ORD. That’s not how the team works.


Went into solo mode for it. I think this is it.

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Im aware of this. Forgot to say that It has some limitations

Disregard, did not see in game. Also did not see Claudios post.

yeah. i still don’t totally know what’s going on but 27C and 22R aren’t there rn lol

Yeah, O’Hare has changed so much in the last several years, and will still be undergoing MAJOR changes for a much longer time. I don’t think they expect to have anything done until maybe 2024-2025. It’s probably just better for the editing team to wait until we get closer to that point


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