22OCT23: Halifax Flyout DEPARTED

@DJW could I take off before you?

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my little q-400 was skidding all over the runway

@Prestoni @Harrison_S @DJW
Thanks for attending! Enjoy your flights

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thanks for hosting

Make sure to check out my other events

I’m really sorry for not coming, completely forgot and was busy with irl stuff

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Thanks for the flyout, enjoy your flights to Toronto and Raleigh!

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It certainly wasn’t any better for my even smaller Challenger!

Although 20knts is nothing compared to what I just experienced

sorry for the silence, I shut down my chromebook

That’s ok (10)

dude i just crashed on the final into toronto city, i landed and bounced then flipped over. The wind is crazy there rn

I barely landed safely

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yeah i flipped over

I was flying at the time i landed like an hour ago


Same! I had a huge headwind in Harrisburg, after going around once I spun around then flipped on my tail!

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Are you on your School Chromebook?

No, personal

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