22OCT23: Halifax Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome back to another event! This time in the amazing Nova-Scotian City of Halifax, in eastern Canada! Known for many unique things including being home to the largest and deepest natural harbors on the globe and for being a focus city for Air Canada! Join me this fall for my very first Canadian Event!

Event Info
Airport: Halifax Stanfield Int’l Airport CYHZ
Time: 1900z, 1pm mst
Date: October 22nd, 2023
Server: Expert Server


Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
2A Westjet Calgary B738 @SamB777
2B Westjet Edmonton B738
2C Westjet Toronto B737 @Skyline_AV
2E Westjet Winnipeg B738
3 Air Transat Cancun A321
5 Air Transat Punta Cana A321
6 Flair Quebec City B738 @RagonDragon
7 Flair Montreal B738
8 Flair Windsor B738
9 Air Transat Fort lauderdale A321
12 Air Canada Toronto A321 @MANDELA
14 Flair Ottawa B738 @N889FQ
15 Air Canada Vancouver B788
18 Air Canada Rouge Tampa A319
20 Air Canada Vancouver BCS3 @Mason_Lennox
23 Air Canada London A321
27A Lufthansa Frankfurt A333 @Ryan_15
28 Condor Frankfut A339 @anon87523340
36 American Philadelphia A319 @BenjiTheBull
38 American Philadelphia A319 @Harrison_S
42 Swoop Hamilton B738 @AirCanada11
44 Porter Toronto City Q400 @Prestoni
46 Air Canada Newark Q400 @United403
IMP Hangars
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
IMP 01 NetJets Europe Reykjavík Keflavik CL35 @DJW
IMP 02 NetJets Europe Nuuk Greenland CL35 @Mort
IMP 03 NetJets Europe Shannon CL35
IMP 04 NetJets Europe Glasgow CL35
IMP 05 NetJets Europe Edinbrugh CL35
IMP 06 NetJets Europe Dublin CL35
IMP 07 NetJets Buffalo NY CL35
IMP 08 NetJets White Plains CL35 @donkeydog87
IMP 09 NetJets Harrisburg CL35

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

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This but I’m Lufthansa

@Ryan_15 Roger that

This please

coming right up

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I’ll take these

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Thanks for helping

I’ll take this one please!

I’ll take this one

@Wonderousbuilder641 @anon87523340 you both have been added

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Can I switch to thus

Can I get NetJets cl35 to white plains?

@Cole_Woodard I’ll switch you! @donkeydog87 I’ll add you

Im heading home!
Can i take this please

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@AirCanada11 nice to see you active! One gate to Hamilton with a side of Swoop coming up

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Thanks see you there

This please

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@BenjiTheBull coming right up


Can i have this one?

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@Carlos_Sousa that gate is already taken

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