22OCT22: Miami Flyout Fun

"]Miami Fly out Miami is a Great place so have fun In the event

Training Server



These are my pictures

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ATC: Tower
ATC Departure
ATC Center
ATC Ground

Remember that you could choose any gate but Cargo Gates are only for cargo Planes


Hello guys you could sign up and also Choose any gate! But if you want to fly Cargo please go to the cargo Section

Rule 1. Use Unicom correctly if there is no ATC
Rule 2. Do not Spam
Rule 3. Choose the Cargo Gate if you are in a cargo plane
Rule 4. Have fun!
Rule 5. We are not responsible for any Violations


I’ll take gate 01

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Your signed up

The maui flyout is from 2022-10-01T22:00:00Z2022-10-02T01:00:00Z

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I know but Probably I will Upper the time

I am very well aware. Don’t worry I can fly on more than one device you know


attention an everybody event is gonna be a changed to 5:30 PM

This will probably be shut down because it isn’t 2 weeks in advance

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Regardless, it’s still missing some stuff

What is it?

You might want to fix all the times

Fixed it @butter575

Can I please have gate D27 American B738 KORD

YYZ toronto IDK what gate to pick so can you give me a realistic one

You signed up!

Thank you!

Is D30 ok?

I will take gate 2

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