22NOV22 // Super SLC Flyout!

You called it National <3! I’ll take this please

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Thanks for joining! @Avocado_Aviator will Sign you up shortly

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Wait you are a cohost? The description would say otherwise

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a co-host

@United403 is a good friend for helping me run the event!😁

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@Avocado_Aviator, @Butter575 is one of my Best friends as well fyi

Hello there!

Some of your gate information seems to be outdated as I (at MFR) don’t and haven’t got the CRJ-200 from Delta Connection in quite a long time. Instead we get the E175

(just thought i’d point it out)

I’m interested in landing onto the gate here, but with an E175 of the same airline instead


We will fix this shortly.

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Bump time!

Can I take A9 please?


We will get you signed up! Sorry for the late response.

12 days to go!

You are already signed up! I

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I can do these!

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Sure! We will sign you up shortly!

We have 8 more days!

4 more days!

Sorry for the late reply. You are all signed up though!

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Event bump!

Let’s fill SLC!! 2 days left!