22NOV22 // Super SLC Flyout!

@Avocado_Aviator and @AmericanB772 are proud to bring you the Super SLC! Home to the best tourism on the planet, this city has a lot to truly offer with many breathtaking national parks only a few hours drive away. SLC International is one of the best and cleanest airports in the world (Opened in 2020). Let’s fly out of this amazing airport!

Time and Date: 2022-11-22T21:00:00Z
Server: Training Server

Concourse A

A1) Delta - (Albuquerque ABQ) A319 @Lufthansa1

A2) Delta - (Anchorage ANC) B739

A3) Delta - (Atlanta ATL) B763

A4) Delta - (Boise BOI) E175

A5) Delta - (Cancún México) A321

A6) Delta - (Detroit DTW) B738

A7) Delta - (Fort Lauderdale FLL) B752

A8) Delta - (Jackson Hole JAC) A319 @United403

A9) Delta - (Las Vegas LAS) B752 @N889FQ

A10) Delta - (Palm springs PSP) E175 @Butter575

A11) Delta - (Long Beach LGB) E175 @AIDAN101

A12) Delta - (New Orleans MSY) B738

A13) Delta - (San Francisco SFO) A223

A14) Delta - (Washington National DCA) B752 @EnthusiasticAviation

A15) Delta - (Seattle SEA) B739

A16) Delta - (Nashville BNA) B752

A17) Delta - (Vancouver YVR) E175

A18) Delta - (Portland PDX) E175

A19) Eurowings Discover - (Frankfurt EDDF) A333

A20) - Delta - (Tampa TPA) B739

A21) Delta - (Paris CDG) A339 @Avaitor1

A22) Delta - (New York JFK) B752

A23) AeroMexico Connect - (Guadalajara México) E175

A24) Delta - (San Diego SAN) A223

A25) Delta - (Amsterdam AMS) A339

Concourse B

B1) Southwest - (Austin AUS) B738

B2) Southwest - (Burbank BUR) B737-700

B3) Southwest - (Reno RNO) B738

B4) Southwest - (Las Vegas LAS) B738

B5) Southwest - (Las Vegas LAS) B737-700

B6) Southwest - (Sacramento SMF) B738

B7) Southwest - (San Jose SJC) B738

B8) Frontier - (Denver DEN) A320

B9) Alaska - (San Francisco SFO) E175 @Avaitor1

B10) Alaska - (Seattle SEA) B739 or E175

B11) JetBlue - (Boston BOS) A321

B12) JetBlue - (New York JFK) A321

B13) JetBlue - (New York JFK) A321

B14) JetBlue - (Orlando MCO) A321

B15) United - (Chicago ORD) A320

B16) United - (Denver DEN) E175 or A320

B17) United - (Houston IAH) B739

B18) United - (Newark EWR) B739 @AmericanB772

B19) United - (San Francisco SFO) B739 or E175

B20) Spirit - (Orlando MCO) A321

B21A) Air Canada - (Toronto YYZ) A223

Hard Stand C Gates

C1) A.A - (Charlotte CLT) A321

C2) A.A - (Chicago ORD) A321

C3) A.A - (Dallas DFW) A321

C4) A.A - (Philadelphia PHL) A321

C5) A.AEagle - (Chicago ORD) E175

C6) A.AEagle - (Los Angeles LAX) E175

C7) A.AEagle - (Phoenix PHX) Crj 700

C8) A.AEagle - (Dallas DFW) Crj 700

Hard Stand D Gates

D1) D.C - (Billings BIL) Crj 200

D2) D.C - (Bozeman BZN) Crj 200

D3) D.C - (Casper CPR) Crj 200

D4) D.C - (Cedar City CDC) Crj 200

D5) D.C - (Elko EKO) Crj 200

D6) D.C - (Medford MFR) Crj 200

D7) D.C - (Lewiston LWS) Crj 200

D8) D.C - (Idaho Falls IDA) Crj 200

D9) D.C - (Moab CNY) Crj 200

D10) D.C - (Pocatello PIH) Crj 200

D11) D.C - (Aspen ASE) Crj700

D12) D.C - (St. George SGU) Crj 200

D13) D.C - (Twin Falls TWF) Crj 200

D14) D.C - (Jackson Hole JAC) Crj 700

D15) D.C - (West Yellowstone WYS) Crj 200

Ground: @Butter575

Tower: @Butter575

Approach: @FlyingWizard20

Departure: @FlyingWizard20


  • Follow ATC Instructions
  • None of us are responsible for any degree of violations that you have received
  • If there is no ATC present, please use UNICOM in a professional manner
  • Please time accordingly if you intend to fly in from another airport
  • Have fun and stay safe!

This please

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I’ll take this but in an A319

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We will sign you up momentarily! Thank you so much @United403!

@United403 Both ATC and the flight?

Yes please! I have 2 subscriptions


All signed up!

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Let’s get some more sign ups

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I think I will take this please!
B18) United - (Newark EWR) B739

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Could I sign up and reserve this please?


Reserve your gate, before its too late!

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This but on an E175 because that is what they use irl


All signed up!

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Also just wanted to point out that this is only used on the E175

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I am so sorry about that, we will get that fixed! Thank you!

We have looked over and fixed a few errors. Thank you for bringing our attention to these errors.

You can use whatever aircraft you want! That is just the aircraft the flies that route IRL.

Even if you have 2 subscriptions you won’t be able to fly on the same server. Controlling an airport while trying to fly out of it is also not a great idea if you want to provide good service.

I have seen this on some of your events and I think it’s worth mentioning that you should not be doing this. Bumping your post every day or once in a while is alright, but 1-2 hours after the event is posted is a bit ridiculous.

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Would you like to sign up @Fourthnebula919?

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May I take this please