22NOV21/1800Z - Access Air Virtual presents "Back In the New York Groove" [COMPLETED]

Alright Passengers, Pilots, and everyone in-between. It’s time For another Access Air Virtual event!

This Event will be going from our every growing hub of Austin, Texas to Our newly added city of New York at Kennedy Airport 3D!

Event information


Date & Time: 2021-11-22T18:00:00Z

Flight Time Muitlipler: 3x

About KAUS

Austin international Airport is Located is Austin, Texas. It is an Evergrowing airport with its location in the middle of the United States. KAUS serves as our main hub.

About KJFK

New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport is Located in Queens, New York. It serves as a hub For many airlines across America, and has service to virtually anywhere. This Airport is a 3D Airport in Infinite Flight.

About Access Air VA

Access Air Virtual is an IFVARB Approved virtual airline that runs out of KAUS. We serve many destinations across America, and the world. We are not associated with any real world airlines.

To learn more about us and how to apply. Check out our Thread!


Gate Aircraft Pilot
1 Boeing 737-800
2 Boeing 737-800
3 Airbus A330
4 Boeing 737-800
5 Boeing 737-800
6 Boeing 737-800
7 Boeing 737-800
8 Boeing 737-800
9 Boeing 737-800
10 Boeing 737-800
11 Boeing 737-800
12 Airbus A321
14 Airbus A321
15 Airbus A321
16 Airbus A321
17 Airbus A321
18 Airbus A321
19 Airbus A321
20 Airbus A321
21 Airbus A321
22 Airbus A321
23 Airbus A321
24 Boeing 757-200 @Aviation2929
25 Boeing 757-200
26 Boeing 757-200
27 Boeing 757-200
28 Boeing 757-200
29 Boeing 757-200
30 Boeing 757-200
31 Boeing 757-200
32 Airbus A330
33 Boeing 757-200

Note: All Aircraft are in the Generic or Infinite flight livery


KAUS Frequencys
Frequency Controler
Ground/Tower/ATIS @Maxime_Flying
KJFK Frequencys
Frequency Controler
New York/Washington Center

Let’s get “Back in the New York Groove” With AVAL!

Credit for the name of the event: KISS

We are not associated with any real world airline


Let’s give this one a bump!

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I can take Ground/Tower/ATIS at KAUS for you 😁


Thanks for stepping up!

Aviation2929 | AVAL CEO

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Let’s get some more signups!

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Sorry i wont be able to join, the event will be on at 5am Australian Eastern standard time


Remember, there are A330 slots on this route!

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New Banner

We have decided to give this event a little more pizzazz by making an event banner!

The event is today!

@Emre_Emre @Bernd_Duebler456 @gabriel19hz if you are going, remember to sign up for a gate!

Aviation2929 | AVAL CEO

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