22NOV20 / 2100Z - The final flight of the old 757 - New York (JFK) to San Diego - @KJFK-KSAN

  • Aircraft and Livery: Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200

  • Route: KJFK (New York JFK) to KSAN (San Diego)

  • Time of Departure: 0900Z / 1PM Western Time, 2PM Mountain Standard time, 3PM Central Time, 4PM Eastern Time

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information:

Hello and welcome to another one of my group flights! Today we will be flying to San Diego on the old 757. I want to do this because this will probably be one of my last flights with the old 757 because I don’t fly it to much because of the condition that it’s in. I hope to fly the new 757 a lot though. Any ways, I will also be making a TimeLaps out of this video on my YT channel- Nolan’s Aviation. So if you join me I will gladly give a shout-out to all of you. BUT TOU HAVE TO LAST THE WHOLE FLIGHT. I’m looking forward to this and hopefully you all are too! If you are joining thanks so much, and I’m looking forward to flying with you!


Delta B757-200

Span in at the 4B terminal, I will be at gate- B33, my callsign will be DAL428, so you can find me

Cruising Altitude- 360-400FL (MSL)

Cruising Speed (Mack)- .80-.81

Planned Flight time- 6 hours 20 minutes

V speeds- 137, 143, 149 for rotation

Flaps for Takeoff- 5

Trim for takeoff- 8

Fuel- MAX OUT (The old 757 uses 10,000 pounds each hour instead of 5,000)

Passengers- Around 140

Cargo- 22,000 pounds

At the end you will be at %100 payload or even more. You will be fine, I tried to do this flight yesterday and I was fine, although my game crashed.

I will have a very realistic FPL for this flight, so when you spawn in Copy my FPL. Here is the flight I will be basing it of off. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL428/history/20201122/1230Z/KJFK/KSAN

Well, that’s about it for now, if you have any questions about this flight or anything else please let me know. I’m looking forward to seeing you all here! See you in the skies!

Hey cool event correct Zulu time is 2100Z

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Ok, got u, can you join? It would be great to have you join!

The only reason why I don’t want to is I don’t want to fly the 757. And I might be doing another flight sorry.

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Haha yea, I understand, I was doing practice landings and it’s so hard to get a smooth landing on this plane. This physics suck and it’s just bad. Maybe you can join my group flight with the new 757. It’s from BIKF-CYYZ, with Iceland Air and hopefully the Hekla Aurora livery.

I think I can make it. I have hockey from 1:10 to 2:10 central

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Ok, sounds good. I can always change the time if I need

@nolan_brant12 I would love to join u but I am on my way to London right now from KBWI

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Hey Nolan can you change the time to 3:30?

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