22NOV20 / 1900Z - The Great Shannon Flyout! @ EINN

I don’t think everyone is attending. Pushback when ready.

Runway 24 in use

Time to fly if you still can!

Thanks to all who attended! I look forward to organising another flyout in the near future! Have a great flight!


Dang! Power cut!

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Thanks @Errigal for organising this event and fellows, @Igor_M & @Evan_Kearns for turning up👆
Just landed in EGLL. Went very smooth.
I did wondered what happened to @Errigal after disappearing shortly after take off - among things in my mind is you lost interest😂 @Evan_Kearns did disappeared after 20 mins or so.

Happy flying

Dear the stuff was a nuisance! So sad I didn’t get to do my flight @tjb0709! Thanks for attending!

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