22NOV20 / 1900Z - The Great Shannon Flyout! @ EINN

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See ya there all signed up

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You’re signed up

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No BA A318 to KJFK?

BA do this route via London City on outbound

May I take this one?

I know her!

Yes you may

What aircraft, callsign and destination are you flying with @NuggetFornia

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No not this time sadly. You can always take Shannon 111 to JFK though @tjb0709

It’s been cancelled


I’m not sure yet. Probably gonna fly a Cessna 172 or TBM 930 with the callsign “NUGGET”.

I’ll put in the callsign NUGGET for you. Please remember to let me know so you can get properly signed up.

If anyone is looking for another real life route, it may be possible to add in.

My pro subscription flew away unfortunately.

Nice event, @Errigal! I would suggest you to add some of the amazing Omni Air International routes on the Boeing 777-200ER. You can find the main list on the The Boeing B777-200ER Route Database.

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Great Idea @Kuba_Jaroszczyk!

Will do! Which gates are remaining? Anyone? Haha! I didn‘t have my phone to look!

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk 2 Omni Air International routes have been added! One to Kuwait, one to Dulles.

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How about a cargo route? Might add one in!

One Cargo route has been added for a 777F for either DHL, UPS or FedEx. No assigned callsign yet, no assigned route yet, no assigned livery yet and obviously no assigned pilot yet, so I hope someone can deliver my model planes to somewhere…

Here are the options:

  • Star Air: Boeing 767F (Generic livery), Shannon to Cologne or Dublin. Their Callsign is Delta Juliet (Flight Number).

  • UPS: Boeing 767F (Generic livery), Shannon to Dublin to Cologne. Their Callsign is UPS249 for this flight.

  • FEDEX: Boeing 757F (Fedex or Generic Livery), Shannon to Liege. Their Callsign is FX9145 for this flight. Another flight is Shannon to Paris CDG. Their Callsign is FX9051 for this flight.

  • Turkish Cargo: Boeing 747-4F (Boeing livery on the 747-8F variant) from Istanbul to Shannon to Atlanta. This route is operated now by Air ACT Cargo. Previously this route was flown with Kalitta Air. Their Callsign from Shannon to Atlanta Flight is TK6319.