22NOV20 / 1900Z - The Great Shannon Flyout! @ EINN

Summary: Shannon Airport was the first airport in the world to have duty free shops. It is an ideal location for tourists to fly into if they are doing the Wild Atlantic Way.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Shannon Airport (EINN)

Time: NOV22 - 1900Z or 2020-11-22T19:00:00Z


Commercial Gates:

Gate Callsign Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
24A Shamrock 384 Airbus A320 Aer Lingus 2019 EGLL @Alfiebc2003
24B Ryanair 1182 Boeing 737 - 800 Ryanair EGKK @Tsumia
25 Shamrock 904 Airbus A320 Aer Lingus 2019 LPFR
25A Omni 559 Boeing 777 - 200ER Omni Air International OKBK
25B Omni 375 Boeing 777-200ER Omni Air International KIAD
27 Shamrock 926 Airbus A320 Aer Lingus 2019 LEMG @Errigal
30 Ryanair 102 Boeing 737 - 800 Ryanair EGSS @Evan_Kearns
32 Ryanair 4777 Boeing 737 - 800 Ryanair EGCC @Adam_Norman
34 Ryanair 1168 Boeing 737 - 800 Ryanair LEPA
37 Ryanair 8878 Boeing 737 - 800 Ryanair EPMO @Igor_M
39 Ryanair 1344 Boeing 737 - 800 Ryanair LERS @AvGeek1’s friend
41 Ryanair 1864 Boeing 737 - 800 Ryanair LERS @AvGeek1
42 Shamrock 380 Airbus A320 Aer Lingus EGLL @tjb0709
43 Shamrock 111 Boeing 757 - 200 Generic KJFK


Gate Callsign Aircraft Destination Pilot
Light Aircraft Apron 1 NUGGET Your choice Your choice @NuggetFornia
Light Aircraft Apron 2 Your choice Your choice Your choice


Gate Callsign Aircraft Livery Destination Pilot
Cargo 23 Not assigned

This is my first time organising a flyout so I hope some people will join and I hope I have done this properly. Enjoy!

Please use a flight plan and possibly SIDs and STARs. You can flptoif.com to make one.


  • Pilots attending are responsible for their own flight planning and fuel load.
  • Respect others in the airspace and maintain appropriate seperation at all times.
  • I’m not responsible for any violations that occur during the event.
  • Maintain proper use of UNICOM and IFATC (if applicable).

Get @Kuba_Jaroszczyk on this! Nice event!

Seems you got the gate list a bit wrong, not sure about that


Yeah if someone could help me a little with that that would be great

If you send me the code through I should be able to fix it.

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Ok, I think the problem is with this section: | — | — | — |

Is that what you did?

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Yeah I went like line hypen hypen, then they combined together then another 1 times if that makes sense

I’ll pm you. I think I know what you mean by the code

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I have found the issue and PM’ed you.

Edit: Fixed!

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Whats it like now @Patrick_McCormack @tunamkol

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Fixed 👍

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Sorted. Good Luck on your event!

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Thanks everyone

Also the general aviation places. There are 2. Illincorporate them into the table when I have time. 2 places for light aircraft no assigned routes. You can also do that.

Can I take Ryanair to egcc

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Any chance you could switch out a Ryanair gate to EGKK? Thanks!

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I’ll get that sorted for you. Try Gate 24A maybe but I’ll confirm later tomorrow. Thanks 😊

@Tsumia you could take a generic 737 to Gatwick. I want to keep it as realistic as possible by doing real routes. Stansted is the only other option or just do einn to egkk without Ryanair livery

As far as I know, Ryanair does operate Shannon to Gatwick, see these sources:

Nice to see a fly-out in Shannon
I’ll take Gate 37 to Warsaw Modlin

Also Ryanair does fly from Shannon to Gatwick in real life
While Gatwick isn’t a Ryanair base they do operate flights to there only from Ireland as well as Alicante 🙂

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@Tsumia right get you sorted sorry bout that