22NOV20 / 1800Z - The ATL's Thanksgiving Flyout! - @KATL

Yeah, it’s happening but no one else is signing up for this event except me that got a flight down to Seoul South Korea

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@Udeme_Ekpo But the host was suspended. Who is directing the event now?

I don’t know

Ok I am directing the event now since @PilotChrisSG can no longer access the IFC. He transferred the ownership of the event to me because the event is getting larger so yes it will be happening.

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I will transfer the data to a spreadsheet since unfortunately I cannot access this

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Can I have T9- American 738 to KPHX

@AviatorNikola I’ll take this gate when you get a chance

wich server?


just saw this event topic i signed up for was about to be closed, so im gonna save it.

Take me off of RDU, please. I’m gonna take a 739 over to SFO tomorrow

@AviatorNikola unfortunately I cannot come as I am doing something from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Guys I am really sorry but I will have to close this event, as it is extremely hard for me to organize it with @PilotChrisSG not being here. I am extremely sorry about it.

Ok @AviatorNikola.