22NOV20 / 1800Z - The ATL's Thanksgiving Flyout! - @KATL

In Partnership with @AviatorNikola


ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴀᴛʟᴀɴᴛᴀ! :)

Why Atlanta?

Here is some more info about this event! :)

Time: 1800Z 2020-11-22T19:00:00Z


Some gates may be missing.

Concourse T - Delta , AA, UA

T1- Delta 321 to KPHX

T2- Delta 752 to KMCO

T3- Delta 717 to KCLT @thenewpilot

T4- Delta 737-900 to KPDX

T5- Delta A321 to KBOS

T6- Delta B738 to KPHL

T7- Delta 738 to KDEN

T8- Delta 321 to KDTW

T9- American 738 to KPHX

T10- United 738 to KEWR

T11- United 737-800 to KDEN

T12- American 320 to KPHX

T13- United E170 to KIAH

T14 (Reserved for Fly-in)

T15 (Reserved for Fly-in)

T16 (Reserved for Fly-in)

T17 (Reserved for Fly-in)

Concourse A - Delta

A1- Delta 738 to KDTW

A2- Delta 752 to KSFO

A3- Delta 739 to TJSJ

A4- Delta 752 to KJFK @Jose_Alejand_Medrano

A5- Delta 738 to KEWR @PilotA320

A6- Delta 321 to KBOS

A7- Delta 737-800 to KALB

A10- Delta 752 to KJFK

A11- Delta 321 to KAUS @AliAlex

A14- Delta 738 to KBDL

A15- Delta 321 to KPHX

A16- Delta 738 to KORF

A17- Delta 752 to KMCO

A18- Delta 738 to KRDU

A20- Delta 738 to KLEX

A21- Delta 767 to KMSP

A24- Delta 738 to KSMF @PilotChrisSG

A25- Delta 739 to KPBI @AviatorNikola

A26- Delta 752 to KSLC @SAVRamper

A27- (Reserved)

A28- (Reserved)

A30- Delta 738 to KTLH

A31- Delta 737 to KEYW

A32- Delta 738 to KDAY

A33- Delta 757 to KDTW

Concourse F - Int'l

F1- Korean Air 748 to RKSI @Udeme_Ekpo

F2- Qatar 359 to OTHH

F3- WestJet 789 to CYYC

F4- Delta 359 to KSEA @tyleraviator99

F5- Delta 739 to TJSJ

F6- Delta 319 to TXKF

F7- KLM 789 to EHAM

F8- Lufthansa (2018 Livery) 748 to EDDF

F9- Delta 777-200LR to FAOR

F10- Volaris 319 to MMUN

F12- Turkish 359 to LTFM

F14- Delta A319 to MMMX @Delta07

Concourse B - Delta

B1- Delta 738 to KMKE

B2- Delta 717 to KICT

B3- Delta CRJ900 to KCHA @DeltaFox

B4- Delta 321 to KBNA

B5- Delta 738 to KGSO

B6- Delta 321 to KLAX

B7- Delta 717 to KOMA

B8- Delta 717 to KMYR

B9- Delta 321 to KORD

B10- Delta 717 to KCAE

B11- Delta 738 to KECP

B12- Delta 738 to KDEN

B13- Delta 738 to KBHM

B14- Delta 752 to KMCO

B15- Delta 752 to KSEA

B16- Delta 752 to KMSP

B17- Delta 738 to KCLE

B18- Delta 738 to KGSP

B19- Delta 738 to KLAX

B19- Delta 738 to KJFK

B20- Delta 717 to KCMH

B21- Delta 739 to KRDU @JGordon

B22- Delta 738 to KRIC

B23- Delta 717 to KCHS

B24- Delta 717 to KDAB

B25- Delta 717 to KMYR

B26- Delta 717 to KGSP

B27- Delta 321 to KMIA

B28- Delta 717 to KVPS

B29- Delta 717 to KSAV

B30- Delta 321 to KSFO

B31- Delta 321 to KSTL

B32- Delta 739 to KEWR

B33- Delta 321 to KSAT

B34- Delta 717 to KGSO

B36- Delta 717 to KHOU

Concourse C - Your Choice / Southwest

C1- Southwest 737 to KRSW

C2- Southwest 737 to KMEM

C3- Southwest 737 to KJAX

C4- Southwest 737 to KSTL

C5- (Your Choice)

C6- Southwest 737 to KSAT

C7- Southwest 737 to KRSW

C8- (Your Choice)

C9- Southwest 737 to KBNA

C10- (Your Choice)

C11- (Your Choice)

C12- Southwest 737 to KRDU

C13- Southwest 737 to KTPA

C14- Southwest 737 to KIND

C15- Southwest 737 to KBNA

C16- Southwest 737 to KAUS

C17- Southwest 737 to KFLL

C18- Southwest 737 to KMDW

C19- Southwest 737 to KPBI

C20- Southwest 737 to KCMH

C21- Southwest 737 to KBWI @KindaTartySliceOfPie

C22- Southwest 737 to KPHL

C23- Southwest 737 to KMCO

C24- (Your Choice)

C25- (Your Choice)

C26- (Your Choice)

C27- (Your Choice)

C28- (Your Choice)

C29-(Your Choice)

C30-(Your Choice)

C31-(Your Choice)

C32-(Your Choice)

C33-(Your Choice)

C34-(Your Choice)

C35-(Your Choice)

C36-(Your Choice)

Concourse D

Your choice flights HAVE to be airlines that fly out of this terminal.

D1- Frontier 320 to KLAS

D2- Frontier 320 to KMIA

D3- Alaska 739 to KSEA

D4- Spirit 320 to KBWI

D5- Delta CRJ900 to KCAE

D6- Delta CRJ900 to KCAE

D7- (Your Choice)

D8- (Your Choice)

D9- Delta CRJ900 to KATW

D10- Delta CRJ900 to KAGS

D11- Delta CRJ900 to KDSM

D12- Delta CRJ900 to KHSV

D13- Delta CRJ900 to KHSV

D14- Delta CRJ900 to KMLI

D15- Delta CRJ900 to KXNA

D16- Delta CRJ900 to KBTR

D17- (Your Choice)

D18- (Your Choice)

D19- (Your Choice)

D20- (Your Choice)

D21- Alaska 320 to KORD

D22- (Your Choice)

D23- (Your Choice)

D24- (Your Choice)

D25- (Your Choice)

D26- Delta CRJ200 to KABY

D27- (Your Choice)

D28- Delta CRJ200 to KEVV

D29- (Your Choice)

D30- Delta CRJ200 to KAEX

D31- Delta CRJ200 to KAEX

D32- Delta CRJ900 to KDSM

D33- (Your Choice)

D34- Delta CRJ200 to KSHV

D35- (Your Choice)

D36- (Your Choice)

D37- (Your Choice)

D38- (Your Choice)

D39- Delta CRJ200 to KMGM

D40- (Your Choice)

D41- (Your Choice)

D42- (Your Choice)

D43- (Your Choice)

D44- Delta CRJ200 to KABY

D45- (Your Choice)

D46- (Your Choice)

Airport: KATL

Airport: ATL/KATL

Server: Expert

Departure runway: TBD

Arrival runway: TBD

Spawn 20 minutes before the event begins.

Most, if not all routes/aircraft can be modified upon request!

Fly-in Rules

Every Domestic Delta airlines arrival must park at concourse B.

Every Domestic arrival that isn’t Delta airlines must park at concourse T.

Every international arrival must park at concourse F.

I hope to see you on Sunday November 15,2020@1800Z`

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i’m open for sponsers :)


ill take this one please A21- Delta 767 to KMSP

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. New Signups! :)


Enjoy the flight to DTW!

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Great event I wanted to join it but I can’t join sadly.

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Count me in for KJFK delta gate A4 boieng 787-8 or 757-200

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@ Jose_Alejand_Medrano

Can we change A26 to the Delta 757 to KSLC? They use A26 most time IRL. Search DL0893. If so, ill take that please!

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I’ll change it to SLC. Enjoy! :)

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

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Can I please have the delta flight to PBI thanks!

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Many, many, many things are incorrect with your thread. Let me offer you some suggestions.

First, if you decide to ignore these suggestions, I strongly suggest using the training server where realism is not important. If you choose to stay on expert, it is in your best interest to heed the following:

  1. Runway Use

    1. Do not predetermine the runways to be used. It would be better to state “TBD” because the winds cand and will change between today and the time of the event. You can see which runways ATL is using whenever you want by going to this link:
      Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map

    2. Relating to #1, 8L/26R is landed on 95% of the time, except at night when cargo aircraft departing the north ramp use it to take off to avoid a runway crossing. 8R/26L is primarily a takeoff runway except when aircraft landing on the parallel sidestep to avoid a GA because 8L/26R is still occupied.

    3. Why are you ignoring the 9/27 runways? You can also use 9L/27R for takeoffs and 9R/27L for landings.

  2. You also severely mislocate airlines and their gates.

    1. Concourse T South (Gates T1-T8) is for DL only. Concourse T North (Gates T9-T17) is for American and United. Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, and Alaska Airlines do not use the T gates at all.

    2. Concourse A is only used by underwing-engined mainline aircraft. This means that there cannot be any CRJs or 717s in these gates. 717s use the B gates, and CRJs use the C and D gates (D is much more common).

    3. Relating to the previous two points, here is the complete layout of where airlines are at ATL.
      T South: Delta
      T North: American, United
      A All: Delta
      B All: Delta
      C North: Delta
      C South: Southwest
      D1-D6, except D5: JetBlue, Spirit, Frontier, Alaska (All gates are shared)
      D5 and D7-D46 except for D23 and D25: Delta Connection
      D23 and D25: American (ex USAir gates)
      E1: spirit
      Rest: Delta (this is primarily DL’s international terminal)
      F: assorted international airlines (DL does use F for intl flights but not as much as E. Also SJU is a domestic flight so it should be placed in an A or B gate, not in F)

    4. Why are you only using 3 of the 7 available concourses? This makes no sense and doing so will severely limit your attendance figures, along with other airline options.

I have no more advice other than making sure you remember to change the Zulu time when DST ends. In the future, please do more research and take my tips with a grain of salt. I am only trying to help you here.


I’ll change it tonight :)

I’ll also change this.

This too.

I’ll make sure to check.

More gates will be added if filled. I highly doubt it would get full.


Wow thanks for the in depth advice! Many people just criticise things without giving solutions. Thanks for helping making KATL a more realistic airport for us!

  • Added Concourses B and C

this would be at 1pm EDT?

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2pm as of right now, After DS it would be 1. i believe.

Yes 1 pm I was looking at 2pm all confused lol. I am looking for a gate to join

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Pick a gate! :) Or would you like me to choose?

To seattle in the delta A359 it was a real flight flown in the process of finding the flight number

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flight number is DAL1720