22MAY21 / 1900z - Controlling northern Germany in style @EDDV, @EDDW and @EDDH

Welcome to this event hosted by IFATC´s Europe-west region, this week we will explore three unique and interesting airports in northern Germany whilst offering you full coverage so you can plan your arrival and/or departure with the presence of IFATC. All information that might be useful can be found below:

Where will the Event take place?

This week we will take a closer look at Hamburg (EDDH), Bremen (EDDW) and Hannover (EDDV) along with the surrounding Approach, Departure and Center frequencies on the Expert Server.

When will the Event take place?

IFATC Controllers will staff the listed Airports from 1900z-2100z on Staurday the 22nd of May, (2021-05-22T19:00:00Z - 2021-05-22T21:00:00Z) which guarantees ATC coverage for two full hours.

Which frequencies will be staffed?

Hannover (EDDV)

Position Frequencie Controllers
Atis 136.57 @WingContact @WingContact
Ground 121.95 @WingContact @WingContact
Tower 120.17 @WingContact @WingContact
Approach 118.05 @Sebastien_Cartier @Sebastien_Cartier
Departure 119.60 @Sebastien_Cartier @Sebastien_Cartier

Bremen (EDDW)

Position Frequencie Controllers
Atis - -
Ground 121.75 @Haribo @Syed_Hashim_Raza
Tower 134.82 @Haribo @Syed_Hashim_Raza
Approach 124.8 @Flying_Pencil @Flying_Pencil
Departure - -

Hamburg (EDDH)

Position Frequencie Controllers
Atis -123.12 @NJ24 @NJ24
Ground 121.70 @NJ24 @NJ24
Tower 126.85 @NJ24 @NJ24
Approach 136.67 @NJ24 @NJ24
Departure - -

Centers (CTR)

Position Frequencie Controllers
Bremen FIR 127.00 @NJ24 @NJ24
Amsterdam FIR 128.00 @DannyHL @DannyHL
Langen FIR 129.00 @DannyHL @DannyHL
Brussels FIR -127.00 @DannyHL @DannyHL
Warszawa FIR 128.00 @Edoardo_C @Edoardo_C
Kobenhaven FIR 129.00 @Edoardo_C @Edoardo_C

*Please note that these are only staffing intentions, the first come first serve basis for taking and opening ATC frequencies still applies.

How can I sign up as a Controller?

If you´re in IFATC feel free to message me on our workspace or reply below, I´ll make sure to get you added as soon as possible. If you´re only available to Control for one of the two Event-hours make sure to let me know and I´ll only sign you up for one of the timeslots.

Which routes can I fly to/from these airports?

Route choice in this event is entirely up to you and we encourgae all flights wheather local GA flights, longhauls or short hops across europe, however we have a few shorthaul recommendations for you:

EGLL-EDDV with British Airways
EDDM-EDDV with Lufthansa or TuiFly
EKCH-EDDV with Scandinavian Airlines

LSZH-EDDW with Swiss
EYVI-EDDW with Ryanair

LOWI-EDDH with Eurowings
EGPH-EDDH with Easyjet or Ryanair
LFPG-EDDH with Eurowings or AirFrance

If there´s any more information you need feel free to let us know with a reply below this post. We look forward to seeing you at the selected airports and can´t wait to provide you with full coverage along the way!


I would be able to open Hamburg and Bremen+Kobenhaven Center.


I’ll take Amsterdam + Langen + Brussels centers

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Can i have Bremen GTS please if available

It’s all yours!

I’ll definitely try and fit in a flight to Hamburg from Dublin with Aer Lingus ☘️. Thanks!

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Sounds nice, we look forward to seing you there!

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Can’t wait for this event! So glad to be a part of it :)

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Only 2 hours to go!

Now’s the time to start planning your flight into one of the 3 listed airports. We can’t wait to see you at 1900z through to 2100z.

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Frequencies are opening shortly. Let´s get the show started!

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What a turnout! Thank you to all the pilots that showed up this evening!

Of course this wouldn´t hav been possible without all the great Controlers, thanks fo opening to each and every one of you!

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This event was great! :)

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