22MAY21 / 1800Z - UPS Virtual Presents: The Worldport Fly Out @KSDF

UPS Virtual Presents: The Worldport Flyout


Join us as we bring the sky’s around UPS Worldport roaring to life with our very own flyout. This massive sorting hub serves as the backdrop to our IFC event. Worldport is the worldwide air hub for UPS (United Parcel Service) located at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport in Louisville, Kentucky. Because of UPS, Louisville is the fourth-busiest cargo airport in the world, and the second busiest in the United States. The facility is currently the size of 5.2 million square feet; or about 80 football fields and capable of handling 115 packages per second, or 416,000 per hour and is painted in all white to make sure it can remain efficiently air conditioned. Want a fun fact? If you were to take a leisurely walk around it, you would walk over 5 miles. Our home is a modern day marvel and an absolute pleasure to fly in and out of.

Event Details

Pilots who sign up are free to fly any aircraft that features the UPS livery. Much as you would as a pilot within our VA, you choose your adventure and your aircraft. Have fun, fly professionally, and join our family. We would love to welcome you!

Server: Expert Server

ATC: IFATC services provided

Date & Time: 2021-05-22T18:00:00Z

Departure Airport: (KSDF) - Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Aircraft: MD-11F or A330


  • ATC will be present, please obey all commands.
  • Please spawn at your assigned gate a minimum 10 minutes before the event time
  • Pilots are responsible for their own flight planning.
  • The use of SIDS/STARS is encouraged but may not always be followed by ATC. Please adjust accordingly.

Airport Charts

Below you can find useful charts and airport diagrams for use during the fly out.

UPS Worldport Gate Signup

Below is a list of all available gates for the event. If you wish to participate, kindly let us know your destination and the aircraft you will be flying so our team can assign you a gate.

UPS Ramps 1 & 3 (Gates 100 - 300)
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft
Cargo 102 Denver [KDEN] @karl_iszler MD-11F
Cargo 104 Los Angeles [KLAX] @Skydriver900 MD-11F
Cargo 106 Denver [KDEN] @Kai_Gray MD-11F
Cargo 108 Los Angeles [KLAX] @zion89 A330
Cargo 110 Los Angeles [KLAX] @Bobby_Burg MD-11F
Cargo 112 Charlotte [KCLT] @Dylan.Winklosky MD-11F
Cargo 301 Los Angeles [KLAX] @EBEK MD-11F
Cargo 302 Los Angeles [KLAX] @N489DN A330-F
Cargo 303 Raleigh–Durham [KRDU] @Nightt MD-11F
Cargo 304 Dubai [OMDB] @Lucasaviation B748
Cargo 305 Paris [LFPG] @MainSky A330-F
Cargo 306 Long Beach [KLGB] @Jessepeny MD-11F
Cargo 307 Los Angeles [KLAX] @Mr_Young A330-F
Cargo 308 New York [KJFK] @JPC A330-F
Cargo 309 Denver [KDEN] @zand3r MD-11F
Cargo 310 Atlanta [KATL] @Deakin A330-F
Cargo 311 Chicago [KORD] @patrick_Altenhoff MD-11F
Cargo 312 Los Angeles [KLAX] @anon74260613 MD-11F
Cargo 313 San Juan [TJSJ] @CPT_knick MD-11F
Cargo 314 Anchorage [PANC] @Arizona_Aviator MD-11F

UPS Ramps 2 & 4 (Gates 200 - 400)
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft
Cargo 202 Burbank [KBUR] @Bryan_Cork B748
Cargo 204 Denver [KDEN] @CptRuben A330-F
Cargo 206 Rio de Janeiro [SBGL] @Mud204 B748
Cargo 208 Newark [KEWR] @CaptainCloud A330-F
Cargo 210 Salt Lake City [KSLC] @Lostler MD-11F
Cargo 212 Dallas [KDFW] @Casteelair MD-11F
Cargo 214 Denver [KDEN] @AviatorNick15 A330-F
Cargo 401
Cargo 403
Cargo 405
Cargo 407
Cargo 409
Cargo 411
Cargo 413

UPS Ramp 5 (Gates 500)
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft
Cargo 501
Cargo 502
Cargo 503
Cargo 504
Cargo 505 New York [KJFK] @Vinicius_Monte MD-11F
Cargo 506
Cargo 507
Cargo 508
Cargo 509 Mexico City [MMMX] @Captianpierce A330-F
Cargo 510
Cargo 511
Cargo 512
Cargo 513
Cargo 514

UPS Ramp 6 (Reserved for FedEx Virtual)
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft
Cargo 601 Memphis [KMEM] @Axel_Y B77F
Cargo 602 Toronto [CYYZ] @NathanPreuss MD-11F
Cargo 603 Memphis [KMEM] @Dubya B77F
Cargo 604 Fort Worth [KAFW] @Jason_M B77F
Cargo 605 San Juan [TJSJ] @Hops_the_Rabbit DC-10F
Cargo 606 New York [KJFK] @Capt_Syafiq B77F
Cargo 607 Memphis [KMEM] @anon2790671 B77F
Cargo 608 Memphis [KMEM] @Edge31 B77F
Cargo 609 Memphis [KMEM] @CompetitiveDivide320 B77F
Cargo 610 Denver [KDEN] @Brad_Noall MD-11F
Cargo 611 Los Angeles [KLAX] @thatkid B77F
Cargo 612 TBA @RossiHB MD-11F
Cargo 613 Los Angeles [KLAX] @Flyi2128 B77F
Cargo 614 Memphis [KMEM] @Mouse1_HEAVY B77F

UPS Ramp 7 (Reserved for IFAE)
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft
Cargo 701 Paris [LFPG] @ThomasThePro MD-11F
Cargo 702 London [EGLL] @Omar A330-F
Cargo 703 Charleston [KCHS] @alikalbk B77F
Cargo 704 TBA @Maverick-1 B77F
Cargo 705 Memphis [KMEM] @Kyle.Preuss MD-11F
Cargo 706
Cargo 707
Cargo 708
Cargo 709
Cargo 710
Cargo 711
Cargo 712
Cargo 713

Join Our Family!

We pride ourselves on having a close knit family of pilots that enjoy flyting cargo around the world to remote and unique destinations. Are you interested in joining our UPS Virtual family? We’d love to have you!

Click here to apply and join our prestigious VA.

In Partnership With:

This event is proudly hosted in partnership with our friends at @FedExVirtual & @if_aviation_experts.

UPS Virtual is a simulated and fictional creation intended for use by a special interest group within the Infinite Flight Community and in no way represent the actions, opinions, or ideas of their real-world counterparts. Any and all logos, rights, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials associated with their respective airlines belong to their respective owners.

Finally!!! UPS and IFC! Hang on, this gonna be 🔥!!! Oh and I’ll take a gate please. UPS 1VA MD11F KSDF-KLAX


Cargo 106
Destination KDEN
Aircraft MD-11F

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This looks really tempting…

My assessments finish on the 21st and I plan to get my pro sub that evening…could you put me on standby?

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All taken care of gents!

Absolutely! Once you know if you can come, just let us know and we can get ya a gate!

I will take a slot to LAX. Looking forward to it.


KLAX a330 @UPSVirtual

It will be a very 11th hour decision by the way…I don’t mind if it fills up - don’t save a space for me if you don’t have to.

This event is going to be great, can’t wait!! ✈️

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Nice Event guys can i have this gate B77F to KMEM- FedEx 8Va

All signed up!

There will always be room!

Does that mean you’re in? :D

Good to go! Glad our buddies at FDXV are joining us!

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Oh yeah. Looking forward to this!

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Can I get 602 to CYYZ (FedEx 5VA)

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Absolutely! Glad to have ya! B77F?

May I have a FedEx VA gate? FDX 251VA KSDF-KMEM

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What aircraft will you be flying?

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My apologies, B77F if its allowed

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MD-11 if possible

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This looks like an awesome event! Could I please take Cargo Gate 112 to KLAX on an MD-11F please?