22MAY21 / 1800Z - Infinite Flight International Airshow @ Elmendorf AFB, AK (PAED)


This May, the skies over Anchorage will thunder as the largest airshow event of the year makes its return to Infinite Flight! Last year we showcased the true art of aerobatics and proudly introduced a professional airshow event to the community. IFIA 2020 was our first large scale and high quality event, with an incredible lineup of talented performers coupled with the amazing support from our VA partners, IFIA 2020 truly made it’s mark within this community and set the standard for future airshow events.

This year marks the 2nd annual Infinite Flight International Airshow, last year we held IFIA in the hot and sunny city of Jacksonville, Florida, this year we decided to do something quite different. The 2021 Infinite Flight International Airshow will be held in the heart of America’s final frontier, the great state of Alaska. “Arctic Thunder” is Alaska’s largest and most famous airshow, being held at the historic Elmendorf Air Force Base.


The 2021 Infinite Flight International Airshow is community welcomed airshow , the pilots of the Infinite Flight Community are encouraged to participate in and spectate this event.

Featured Performers


Virtual F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team

Virtual F-16 Viper Demonstration Team

Performer lineup will be made public on May 17th, 2021

I N T E R E S T E D - I N - P E R F O R M I N G ?

=|| Click Here ||=

To all pilots interested in performing please follow these exact instructions:

Join the Discord Server

Select the “Applications” channel and fill out the form.

Once your application has been submitted, the staff team will administer you the “Performer Applicant” role.

A QC check session will be held on May 15th @ 1800Z. If you are unable to attend on the 15th there will be an overflow / secondary session on the 16th @ 1800Z. You will not be able to perform in the show if you do not attend the QC check.

The show schedule will be published on the 17th, the final version will be made public on the 21st.

*Individuals are limited to 2 performances, may be reduced to 1 if necessary for time.

(Community slots are limited to a 15 minute display time, time starts when the performer enters the aerobatic box. Community display teams will receive an extended time if necessary.)


Final Schedule will be made public on May 21st, 2021

Times may not be exact, monitor the NOTAMS & Announcements channels for up to date information.

E V E N T - V E N U E

What sets the Infinite Flight International Airshow apart from previous events is we provide more than just the flying, we provide the narration and choreographed music to fully recreate an authentic airshow experience.

=|| Narration | Music | Flying ||=

The server is utilized for event operations only and will be deleted after the event is over.

Event Information

[ Server ] - Casual
[ Airport ] - Elmendorf Air Force Base (PAED)
[ Time ] - 2021-05-22T18:00:00Z
[ Unofficial Fly-In Event ] - May 21st 1800Z Arrival Time
[ Public Practice Times ] - May 21st 1900Z until 1600Z on May 22nd.

Airfield Information

[ Active Runway ] - 06/24 (16/34 will remain closed)
[ Show Center ] - North Ramp 27 ( Marked by C-17 Globemaster III)
[ Crowd Line ] - North Side of 06/24 - Starting at North Ramp 01 - Ending at 06/24 & 16/34 intersection.
[ Spectator Spawn Area ] - Gold Ramp 01-25
[ Performer Spawn ] - Blue Ramp 01-29
[ Performer Spawn (Heavies)] - North Ramp 01-42 & Hangars

Spectator Information

[ In Game ] Spawn in designated area
[ In Game ] Engines & Lights Off
[ In Game ] Aircraft moments are not allowed, even during intermission.
[ Discord ] Microphone must remain muted during the show.
[ Discord ] Interfering with Music or Narration will result in a removal from the event server.


Event staff requests that any VA’s interested in participating, please message @DeltaMD88Fan for arrival information and FREE advertisement guidelines.


The 2021 Infinite Flight International Airshow could not take place if we didn’t have the support from our amazing staff team:

Head of Event Operations & AIRBOSS - @DeltaMD88Fan

Official Narrators - @Nate_Schneller & @DeltaMD88Fan

Media & Twitch Stream - @Gamma_Productions

QC Check Manager & Discord Moderator - @Scott.Cooper

Feedback on the event & thread:
This thread took several hours to make, feedback is highly appreciated! :)


Best unintentional belated birthday gift ever. Can’t wait to send the Raptor up and rep the AK Tails!

By the way, if you have anything about the show, just ask me or any of the event staff. And by the way, we’d love any external help making this show better for all. See you there!


@ELDEN_PLATENBERG check this out


By the way, bear in mind this important new feature to better the standard of the Infinite Flight Airshow, we recently included a QC ride (Quality Check Ride), so performances cannot be just high speed passes or buzzing the crowd and killing eardrums. This show’s going to be more professional and showmanship-oriented, so we are definitely looking for some real aerobatic talent to join us on the show line. A good show isn’t without practice! 😉

And here’s a few pointers for those looking for ideas for a quality performance: Try to recreate a real demo flown in the past or present and/or optionally add your own improvs to it. YouTube’s a great friend in this case. Get creative, construct a routine and memorize it! Get your friends in on the action with a formation demo or even try to Snap Roll an XCub (imma do just that 😂). Anything is possible, but just respect the box.

Also, help our narrators out and give them a script or something. I don’t like stuttering on the mic. 😬


The Virtual C17 Demo Team has just signed up for the show! The moose is currently practicing alongside Infinite Flight’s Airshow legend @Nate_Schneller, he is getting ready to present a very unique display for this year’s show. The countdown to the 22nd continues!!


Close to 2 weeks away! We are still accepting performer applications, follow the steps above if you are interested!

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If anyone is looking to give their new show career a kickstart, this is your chance! Be sure to practice while you’re at it!


I definitely look forward to this event. We need more of these. Salute ☝🏾

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Hello all👋
What a great looking air show!
I would love to bring my A350 demo to this show and make it my first show of 2021 if it’s ok with you guys!

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Go right ahead! Just bear in mind the QC checks.

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This weekend is our official QC check weekend, to those interested in applying please submit your information in our discord server prior to this weekend so that we can have sufficient time to watch your display.

For those intending on performing please practice your display thoroughly before our sessions this weekend. Review the NOTAM images posted in our server for airspace information.

We will no longer be accepting new performer applications after Sunday, May 16th

All performer applicants that were approved by show staff will be added to the initial schedule for the show.

Happy flying!

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Still looking forward to this, very excited. You all never fail to impress with your Airshows.

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QC checks start at 2PM EST, make sure you are in the discord and we can get started whenever you are available.

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Can we watch or spectate ?

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