22MAY21 / 1500Z - Trip To The Maple Country: Fly-Out @ CYYC

Trip To The Maple Country (Sponsored by WestJet VG)

Welcome to Calgary! Located in the Province of Alberta, with its 2 terminal buildings, Calgary (IATA: YYC; ICAO: CYYC) is not only a city but also an international airport, as well as one of Air Canada’s and WestJet’s hubs, which is why most of the flights are operated by those two companies. It serves places all around North and Central America, Europe and Asia, although the main flights are domestic flights.


According to the statistics, Canada is a region that is too often forgotten about in Infinite Flight. Nevertheless, it’s a country that deserves to be visited and is worth the try!

This event will consist in a fly-out from Calgary International Airport on the expert server. Flights to all around the world will meet at this airport in a specific time, which is Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 15:00 Zulu time.

Why should you join the event?

  1. Because there are rarely events that include Canada.
  2. Because it would be a great opportunity to meet people, as in all events!
  3. Because Canada is a beautiful country with a beautiful scenery that you’ll get to see during your flight, as Calgary is in the mainland.
  4. Because there will be ATC at the event!
  5. Because you’ve maybe never flown to/from Calgary.
  6. Because you can pick your flight, however long or short it is, for the event!
  7. Because it’s on a Saturday, so you’ll maybe be free then!
  8. Because you can join it whenever you want.
  9. Because of the variety of flights! You can sign up for this event and try routes that you’ve never flown!

To join the event, simply quote the gate and the destination you’d like to get assigned to amongst the many indicated in the table below, and wait for an answer! Please also bookmark this topic so that you can remember when the event is happening!


Please note that ALL destinations and airlines from the table below actually do fly from/to Calgary. However, the plane models were adjusted so that you can fly with a livery Infinite Flight has. In addition, if two planes from different companies were going to the same destination, one of the two was taken off.

This event is sponsored by WestJet VG.

Gates 1 to 18 - Domestic flights (Air Canada)
Gate Company Destination airport Aircraft type Pilot
1 Air Canada CYUL Airbus A330-300
2 Air Canada CYOW Airbus A330-300
3 Air Canada CYYZ Boeing 787-9
4 Air Canada CYVR Airbus A321-200
5 Air Canada Express CYCG Bombardier CRJ-900
6 Air Canada Express CYEG Embraer E175
11 Air Canada Express CYMM Embraer E175
12 Air Canada Express CYLW Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 @Asiankungfoo123
13 Air Canada Express CYCD Bombardier CRJ-900
14 Air Canada Express CYQR Embraer E175
15 Air Canada Express CYXE Bombardier CRJ-900
16 Air Canada Express CYXT Bombardier CRJ-900
17 Air Canada Express CYYJ Embraer E175
18 Air Canada Express CYWG Embraer E175
Gates 19 to 34 - Domestic flights (WestJet)
Gate Company Destination airport Aircraft type Pilot
19 WestJet CYEG Boeing 737-700
20 WestJet CYXX Boeing 737-800 @Canadian_Aviator
21 WestJet CYQQ Boeing 737-800 @Vinicius_Monte
22 WestJet CYHZ Boeing 787-9
23 WestJet CYHM Boeing 787-9
24 WestJet CYLW Boeing 737-700
32 WestJet CYKF Boeing 787-9
33 WestJet CYXU Boeing 737-800
34 WestJet CYUL Boeing 787-9
Gates 35 to 59 - Domestic flights

All domestic flights have already been put, except some from WestJet Link and WestJet Encore as those liveries don’t exist in Infinite Flight.
Exceptionally, people who request it can get special slots here for example for a formation flight at a pre-determined airport, or to do one of Calgary’s routes that hasn’t been put there.

Gates 70 to 78 - US & international flights (Air Canada)
Gate Company Destination airport Aircraft type Pilot
70 Air Canada MMUN Airbus A330-300
71 Air Canada EDDF Boeing 787-9
72 Air Canada EGLL Boeing 777-300ER
73 Air Canada KLAX Airbus A321-200
74 Air Canada KEWR Airbus A330-300
75 Air Canada Express KPDX Bombardier CRJ-900
76 Air Canada Rouge KLAS Airbus A319-100 @rlbg13
Gates 79 to 87 - US & international flights (WestJet)
Gate Company Destination airport Aircraft type Pilot
78 WestJet MMSD Boeing 787-9 @CanadianNorth
79 WestJet KATL Boeing 787-9
80 WestJet EGKK Boeing 787-9 @Rolls
81 WestJet MMMZ Boeing 787-9 @Icengelbre
82 WestJet KJFK Boeing 787-9 @Mayank_Pawar
83 WestJet KMCO Boeing 787-9 @barbadian
84 WestJet KPSP Boeing 737-800
85 WestJet KPHX Boeing 737-800 @Daniel_Christensen
86 WestJet MMPR Boeing 787-9
87 WestJet KSAN Boeing 737-800
Gates 88 to 95 - US & international flights
Gate Company Destination airport Aircraft type Pilot
88 Alaska Airlines KSEA Airbus A320-200 @CompetitiveDivide320
89 American Eagle KDFW Bombardier CRJ-900
90 Delta Connection KMSP Bombardier CRJ-900 @travelingcornstalk
91 Delta Connection KMSP Bombardier CRJ-900 @bbhusty
92 KLM EHAM Boeing 787-9 @RhendyAvGeek
94 United Airlines KORD Boeing 757-200
95 United Express KSFO Bombardier CRJ-700
Cargo aprons 1 to 9 - Cargo flights

People can exceptionally get, if they request it, a cargo flight that goes to one of Calgary’s destinations.

Gate Company Destination airport Aircraft type Pilot
Cargo apron 1 Cathay Pacific Cargo PANC Boeing 747-400 @Christopher_Nicholi

Attention! I’m not responsible for any violations you might get during the events. Please follow ATC’s instructions at all time no matter what, fly respectfully of other pilots and stay as realistic as you can. Please also try to plan your flight in advance so that you can arrive in time.

Here is a table indicating ATC attendance at the event that will be updated at each change.

Frequency ATC
Calgary ATIS @Krypton
Calgary Ground @Krypton
Calgary Tower @Krypton
Calgary Departure @Evan
Edmonton Centre @Aaron.C
Winnipeg Centre @Aaron.C

See you soon at Calgary!


ill gladly take this

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Added, thanks for signing up!

Additionally, you can bookmark the event so that you don’t forget when it starts! :)

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How long is Calgary to JFK?

According to Infinite Flight FPL Converter, approximately 4 hours! (more precisely 3 hours 52 minutes)

Okay,I’ll take the flight to JFK then,Thanks ✌🏼

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You were added! Thanks for signing up, and don’t forget to bookmark the topic if you don’t want to forget when the event begins! :p

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Hey! I was checking that KLM use B787-9 for this route. Anyway, i’ll take this one please

Thank you

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Thanks for checking! To be honest I actually selected planes that looked coherent when it came to the route and the flight time, as well as aircraft that actually were in IF.

Would you like that route with the Boeing 777-300ER or with the Boeing 787-9?

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With the beautiful dreamliner please, :)

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Registered! Thanks for signing up and don’t forget to bookmark the post to remember about the event! :p

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Sure! Thanks

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My pleasure!

Anybody else would like to join in?

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I’ll take this.

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Logged, thanks for signing up to the event! Don’t forget to bookmark the post so that you remember when the event starts! :)

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Please Gate 78 -MMSD B787-9 WestJet
So Awesome to show More Canada.🇨🇦 I’m So Impressed ❕

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I’ll take this :)

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Registered, thanks for joining in and don’t forget to bookmark the post! My pleasure, it’s true that Canada is often forgotten when it comes to events! (and when it comes to traffic in general as well)

Registered, thank you for signing up! Furthermore, you can bookmark the post so that you don’t forget about the event! :p

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I’m one step ahead of you

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