22MAY21 / 1400Z - [CANCELLED] JetStream Virtual & Boeing Virtual Presents: Executive Queen @ KPAE

JetStream Virtual & Boeing Virtual Presents: Executive Queen

Pain Field (KPAE), also known as Snohomish County Airport, holds the world’s biggest building by volume at 13,385,378 m3 and covers 98.7 acres of land. This building is Boeing’s Everett Factory. It used to produce the Queen of the Skies, the 747. It is also where her majesty the Queen of the Skies is delivered to airlines.

JetStream Virtual had placed an order for several BBJ 747-8 and it is now ready for delivery. We will be delivering a few of the 747-8s to Singapore Changi Airport which is the Main Hub of JSVA’s operations.

Event Details

Server - Expert
IFATC - Pending
Starting Airport - Snohomish County Airport ( KPAE )
Destination Airport - Changi Airport ( WSSS )
Aircraft - 747-8
Livery - BBJ
Flight Time - 15 Hours 42 Mins (approx.)
Event Time - 2021-05-22T14:00:00Z

Flight Details

Cruise Altitude (Step-Climb included) - FL300, FL320 (ENA), FL340 (NEDON), FL360 (SKIPE), FL380 (2222N/12141E), FL360 (MIKIN), FL380 (MONBO), FL390 (MESOX)

Cruise Speed - 240 / 325 / 0.86

Flightplan - Copy @M1llard’s flight plan in the event itself


Sign up in the format as displayed below
| Gate | Pilot | Callsign |

Gate Pilot Callsign
Boeing Delivery Center 1 @M1llard Corporate 380VA
Boeing Delivery Center 2 @anon83820009 Boeing 001VA
Boeing Ramp 118 @CameronH21 Corporate 001VA
Boeing Ramo 119
Boeing Ramp 120
Boeing Ramp 101
Boeing Ramp 102
Boeing Ramp 103
Boeing Ramp 104
Boeing Ramp 105
Boeing Ramp 106
Boeing Ramp 107
Boeing Ramp 108
Boeing Ramp 109
Boeing Ramp 201
Boeing Ramp 202
Boeing Ramp 110
Boeing Ramp 111
Boeing Ramp 112
Boeing Ramp 216

Established on 2nd April 2021, JetStream Virtual is a virtual airline based on the mobile simulator Infinite Flight. We are an all-executive jet virtual airline with no prefixed routes. As our motto, Connecting The World says, we aim to serve the virtual niche market of flying private charter flights from anywhere to everywhere. JetStream Virtual provides luxury short hauls to luxury ultra-long hauls for our virtual customers. We are primarily based in Singapore Changi Airport, WSSS with Zurich Airport LSZH and Los Angeles International Airport KLAX as Secondary Hubs.

Boeing Virtual was founded in April 2021 by CEO, @anon83820009. They offer one of the most extensive and unique route networks, our operations include deliveries, test flights, Dreamlifter flights, and much more! At Boeing Virtual, they fly to six continents and many countries across the globe. Their diverse fleet lets pilots fly in many different ways, from short hops to ultra-long-haul deliveries.


Any gate please!


Thank you for signing up! We look forward to your attending the event!


Can’t wait!

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I guess its just the three of us

I may be looking to provide ATC services on arrival into Singapore. I’ll keep you guys posted on this thread!


3 full days until the event begins!

Op flagged for closure