22MAY21 / 1000Z - Qantas Virtual Group's 9th Anniversary Fly-in & Fly-out @ YSSY

Qantas Virtual Group’s 9th Anniversary!

A Qantas Virtual Group Event

Qantas Virtual Group is celebrating their 9th anniversary this month, making us Infinite Flight’s longest running Virtual Airline! To celebrate this incredible milestone, we’re hosting an exciting fly-in/fly-out event, from our home airport at Sydney.

Come and join us to celebrate how far we’ve come over these past 9 years, and as we look forward to the next 9!

Airport: YSSY

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Qantas, Jetstar or Oneworld aircraft

Event Timings:
Saturday, May 22, 2021 10:00 AMSaturday, May 22, 2021 12:00 PM

We will have 3 waves of departures/arrivals:

Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
10:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM

We’re proud to announce that the Oceania team of IFATC controllers will be providing ATC service for this event!

To request a gate, simply reply specifying the gate you wish to reserve. Please also let us know whether you will be flying in or out, and which wave you wish to be in.
(E.g. Terminal 1 Gate 24, flying in, wave 2)

Please Remember As We Will Have Both Aircrafts Arriving And Departing Out Of Gates,
Please Do Not Sit In Gates For Longer Than Necessary, As This May Delay The Next Pilot From Enjoying Their Flight

Terminal 1 - Qantas/Jetstar/Oneworld International
Gate Aircraft Airport Wave 1 (1000Z) Wave 2 (1100Z) Wave 3 (1200Z)
Gate 8 American B787-9 Los Angeles (KLAX) @HSakavaras @Her_Majestys_Pilot @majhz (VGVA)
Gate 9 Qantas A380 Singapore - London (WSSS-EGLL) @theoneeyedtenor VGVA
Gate 10 Qantas A380 Dallas (KDFW) VGVA
Remote 11 Qantas B747 Vanoucver (CYVR)
Remote 12 Qantas B747 Johannesburg (FAOR)
Gate 24 Qantas A380 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Charles_B VGVA
Gate 25 Qantas B747 San Francisco (KSFO) @Oli_H VGVA
Gate 30 Jetstar B787-8 Honolulu (PHNL) @Icengelbre @LordWizrak (MHVA)
Gate 31 Qantas B787-9 Hong Kong (VHHH) MHVA
Gate 32 Qantas A330 (generic) Singapore (WSSS) MHVA
Gate 33 Jetstar A320 Auckland (NZAA) @GDS111006 MHVA
Gate 34 British B777 Singapore/London (WSSS/EGLL) @tabflys @Zaid_Nasri MHVA
Gate 35 Qantas B737 Wellington (NZWN) @ThatOneKiwi MHVA
Gate 36 Malaysian A330 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) @Capt_Lee
Gate 37 Cathay B777 Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate 50 Qantas B737 Auckland (NZAA) @IF.New_Zealand @askrdl @Henrik003
Gate 51 Jetstar A320 Queenstown (NZQN) @Deakin_pope @AAVA
Gate 52 JAL B787-9 Tokyo Narita (RJAA)
Gate 53 Qantas B737 Queenstown (NZQN) @Finnishboy @AAVA
Gate 54 Qantas B737 Norfolk Island (YSNF)
Gate 55 Qantas B737 Noumea (NWWW)
Gate 56 Qantas A330 (generic) Jakarta (WIII) @MINGUYA
Gate 57 Jetstar A320 Nadi (NFFN) @Hamish-H @AAVA
Gate 58 Jetstar B787-8 Phuket (VTSP) CAVA @AAVA
Gate 59 Qantas B737 Nadi (NFFN) CAVA @CaptainZac
Gate 60 Qantas A330 (generic) Shanghai (ZSPD) @AAVA
Gate 61 Emirates A380 Dubai (OMDB) @Captain_FL @EBEK @Capt_Skytrack
Gate 63 Qantas B737 Christchurch (NZCH)
Terminal 2 - Jetstar Domestic
Gate Aircraft Airport Wave 1 (1000Z) Wave 2 (1100Z) Wave 3 (1200Z)
Gate 31 Jetstar A320 Melbourne (YMML) @Airliner
Gate 32 Jetstar A320 Perth (YPPH)
Gate 33 Jetstar A320 Brisbane (YBBN)
Gate 34 Jetstar A320 Hobart (YMHB)
Gate 35 Jetstar A320 Cairns (YBCS) CAVA
Gate 36 Jetstar A320 Ayers Rock (YAYE)
Gate 38 Jetstar A320 Townsville (YBTL)
Gate 39 Jetstar A320 Ballina (YBNA)
Gate 40 Jetstar A320 Avalon (YMAV) @Air_Boss
Gate 41 Jetstar A320 Gold Coast (YBCG)
Gate 42 Jetstar A320 Hamilton Island (YBHM) @Balacachini
Gate 43 Jetstar A320 Darwin (YPDN) CAVA
Gate 44 Jetstar A320 Adelaide (YPAD) @HeathrowAviatorYT
Gate 45 Jetstar A320 Melbourne (YMML) @He
Gate 49 Jetstar A320 Launceston (YMLT)
Gate 52 Jetstar A320 Ayers Rock (YAYE)
Gate 53 Jetstar A320 Brisbane (YBBN)
Gate 54 Jetstar A320 Hobart (YMHB)
Gate 55 Jetstar A320 Adelaide (YPAD)
Gate 56 Jetstar A320 Melbourne (YMML)
Gate 57 Jetstar A320 Perth (YPPH)
Gate 58 Jetstar A320 Cairns (YBCS)
Gate 59 Jetstar A320 Brisbane (YBBN)
Terminal 3 - Qantas/Qantaslink Domestic
Gate Aircraft Airport Wave 1 (1000Z) Wave 2 (1100Z) Wave 3 (1200Z)
Gate 01 Qantas B737 Melbourne (YMML) Qatar Virtual
Gate 02 Qantas B737 Adelaide (YPAD) Qatar Virtual
Gate 03 Qantas B737 Hamilton Island (YBHM) Qatar Virtual
Gate 04 Qantas B737 Ballina Byron (YBNA) Qatar Virtual
Gate 05 Qantas B737 Melbourne (YMML) Qatar Virtual
Gate 06 Qantas B717 Brisbane (YBBN) Qatar Virtual
Gate 07 Qantas B717 Hobart (YMHB)
Gate 08 Qantas B737 Gold Coast (YBCG) @Stillzy @JornGroen
Gate 09 Qantas B717 Canberra (YSCB) @Stillzy
Gate 10 Qantas A330 Perth (YPPH)
Gate 11 Qantas B737 Cairns (YBCS)
Gate 12 Qantas B737 Broome (YBRM) CAVA
Gate 13 Qantas B737 Alice Springs (YBAS)
Gate 14 Qantas B737 Darwin (YPDN)
Gate 15 Qantas B737 Brisbane (YBBN) @Gritz
Gate 16 Qantas B717 Sunshine Coast (YBSU) CAVA
Remote 64 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Coffs Harbour (YCFS)
Remote 65 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Canberra (YSBC) Qatar Virtual
Remote 66 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Griffith (YGTH) Qatar Virtual
Remote 67 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Moree (YMOR)
Remote 68 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Cooma (YCOM)
Remote 69 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Dubbo (YSDU)
Remote 17A Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Albury (YMAY) @edwardtremethick
Remote 18 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Tamworth (YSTW)
Remote 19 Qantaslink Dash 8 Q400 Lord Howe Island (YLHI) @Cameron_M

These gates have no set destination and are not set time gates with waves. Please use these gates if you have not booked a gate. Please be aware these gates may be reallocated back to wave departures/arrivals at any time. So please check before you spawn in.

Open Gates
Gate Max Aircraft Size
Terminal 1 - International
Gate 37 B747/A380
Gate 54 B747/A380
Gate 55 B767
Gate 63 B777
Terminal 2 - Jetstar Terminal
Gate 32 B767
Gate 33 B767
Gate 34 B767
Gate 36 B767
Gate 38 B767
Gate 39 B767
Gate 41 B767
Gate 45 B767
Gate 49 B767
Gate 52 B767
Gate 53 B767
Gate 54 B767
Gate 55 B767
Gate 56 B767
Gate 57 B767
Gate 58 B767
Gate 59 B767
Terminal 3 - Qantas Terminal
Gate 07 B767
Gate 10 B747
Gate 11 A330
Gate 14 B767
Remote 64 Dash 8 Q400
Remote 67 Dash 8 Q400
Remote 68 Dash 8 Q400
Remote 69 Dash 8 Q400
Remote 18 Dash 8 Q400


Additionally, check out our thread here.


Can I take the Auckland Flight ? 😄

Sure thing @Henrik003 ! Will you be flying in or out, and which wave would you like to join?

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to Auckland would be nice and I’ll take the last wave at 2:00pm

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@Henrik003 , you’ve been given Gate 50 in Wave 3. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Thank you so much @QantasVirtualGroup can‘t wait for the Event!

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Fly-out, wave 2 please

Done! You have Gate 50, Wave 2

See you there!

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Can I take the lord howe flight please in the dashie


Sure, which wave do you wish to be a part of?

can i take delta 777 to lax

Can I please take YSSY-NZAA A330 anywave

Ill take this please!

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Hello @bbhusty,

We ask if you could please choose a flight from the list. Other flights off the list are only if organised through your VA. Where your VA management team will ask for certain Gates to be blocked out.


QVG Events Manager

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Hello @IF.New_Zealand,

We do ask you select a flight from the list.

This flight is not an option. Speciality flights like this are only if organised through your VA/VO.


QVG Events Manager

You sure can, which Wave would you like?

(I’ve just put you against Wave 1 for now, so I don’t loose your name, but let me know if you want a different wave, and will you be flying in or out?)


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Can I grab this gate for wave 2? Thanks!


Hello Oli,

You sure can.

See you there

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Hello there, i would like the following:

Terminal 3, Gate 8, flying in, wave 3

See you there!

Could I take this in wave 1 flying out please.