22MAY21 / 1000z & 1600z - Thai Group Virtual Presents: 2 Year Anniversary Celebration @VTBS

Hello! I’d like to join wave 2 gate E5 for the a359 thanks!

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All good! See you there!

Can you sign me up for this, callsign DVA204

You are all signed up! See you there! This is for Wave 1, correct?

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Yes, it sure is for wave 1.

Hello, can I have this gate for wave 1 please? My callsign will be

Wave 1, gate E7, A350-900 please?

Hello! I’d like to join wave gate E4 for the a359
Callsign Thai 436 thanks!

Welcome to the community! What is your callsign?

What will your callsign be?

For which wave? E4 is only available for wave #2.

I request gate E9 Thanks.

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Sounds good! See you soon!

I’ll take an OZVA gate, callsign Asiana 001VA.

@Tsumia , you are all signed up! Your gate is subject to change based on gates as I want to move people together later on, so please be aware.

@IFTH-SkylandYT , you are all good to go! See you in Bangkok!


Can I get this gate?

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Sounds good! What will your callsign be?

My callsing will be thai 104 thanks

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Sorry that I have to request this, but please remove me from this gate

As I am no longer a part of United Virtual. Sorry for the late notice, thanks!

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こんにちは! ANA Virtual Group is honored to attend this event and be a part of TGV’s 2 Year Anniversary celebrations. We request that the following pilots be signed up in the reserved section for ANVA pilots, Wave 2:

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User Callsign
Apron 302 Thai Airways B747-400 Tokyo RJTT @Raquis ANVA169
Apron 303 Thai Airways B747-400 Tokyo RJTT @Fat_Albert_512 ANVA512
Apron 304 Thai Airways B747-400 Tokyo RJTT @maruetsu_Fish90 ANVA060
Apron 306 Thai Airways B747-400 Tokyo RJTT @Luftmensch ANVA112

We also request that @SB110 (ANVA110) be added on standby at a gate close by (perhaps Apron 301 or 305?).

ありがとう, and we look forward to this event on Saturday!