22MAY20 / 1830Z Exploring the Channel Islands! @EGKA-EGJB

As many of you know, this weeks FNF is in the beautiful British Isles and Australia and I reckon it is the perfect time to fly from the beautiful General Aviation hub of Shoreham/Brighton City Airport (EGKA) to the amazing island of Guernsey (EGJB). This flight takes us out of Brighton west towards the city of Portsmouth and then we turn and fly over the scenic Isle of Wight before crossing the English channel, descending over the remote Alderney island before descending into Guernsey,.

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Cessna 172/Any Livery of your choice

  • Route:
    Cruise Altitude FL040/4000 feet
    Cruise Speed 105IAS

  • Time of Departure:
    @AviatorNikola @Delta07 @Delta23 @JerseyAnt @AmarKoric11

  • Server:
    Expert Server

Arrival Charts to EGJB

Chart if we land RWY27

Chart if we land RWY09



Hey! In order for this to be a group flight, it needs to be within 3 hours

Edit: all good


You can switch into an event if you wish? #live:events

Ok but will I still be able to have everyone do the same flight?

Nothing changes, it’s just under events. Maybe you will get some people who knows…?

ATTENTION, This event has been moved to events because it didn’t meet the guidelines for a groupflight, everything mentioned in the title will remain the same though.

I’ll take a gate please

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Thank you man I will add you to the list! There are no specific gate assignments, so just spawn at any GA gate.

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ill participate as well

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Nice to see all the Delta fans here, Delta/AFKLM/Skyteam for the Win!
I will sign you up, just take any GA gate.


The event has been pushed back by 30 minutes because the two other participants couldn’t attend because it was too late for them, anywats now it is at 1830Z

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I’ll take a spot to. Even though you’re going to the wrong island ;)

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Haha, I wanted to have the most central island in the channel islands! Jersey is also very nice though, (especially the Condor Ferries ride)

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That cool. I’ll have to fly home from Guernsey tho I’m not stopping there :D. Don’t mention Condor I’m meant to be sailing with them to France on Saturday to drive to Disneyland Paris. :(

Nice event tho. CI rarely get put in the spotlight

Ah nice have fun, are you going to St. Malo or Cherbourg, also the reason why I mentioned it was because I once took the Condor Liberation from Poole-Jersey. Anyways thanks for signing up and it should be loads of fun.

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