22MAR23 | [FUNDRAISER] The Bali Flyout - 'Run for Membantu'

The Bali Flyout - ‘Run For Membantu’


G’day and Selamat Datang!

Welcome to 'The Bali Flyout': an amazing opportunity to explore Indonesia's beautiful island of Bali! Departing Denpasar's Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can travel to one of over forty destinations - long, medium or short haul. There truely is something for everyone!

You’ll also notice this event is a fundraiser, and we’ll get onto that shortly. But for now, let’s see the event details!

Event Details

Event Specifics

Airport: Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport (WADD/DPS)
Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any
Event Time: 2023-03-22T08:00:00Z

Route Map/Destination List

Route Map

Fundraising for Bali

This event is a fundraiser for an event which my school runs annually, titled ‘Run For Membantu’. You might be wondering, what does ‘membantu’ mean? Well, translated to English it simply means: ‘help’. The event is an adapted school cross country, which now encourages students to raise money for underprivileged children in Bali.

My school works with two organisations: BaliLife Foundation and Widhya Asih Foundation. Let’s find out a little more about them:

BaliLife Foundation: BaliLife helps kids off the street by providing a place to live, food to eat and education through to their graduation in a university course of their choice. They also aid in Suwung, the largest tip in Denpasar, where parents collect rubbish for 17 hours a day to earn roughly $2. BaliLife does this through teaching English and sewing skills to mothers, education to the children and providing hygiene packs to each of the families.

Widhya Asih Foundation: Widhya Asih are a collection of childrens homes, of which, my school sponsors two: one in Melaya and another in Blimbingsari. The Foundation allows children who’s parents may be too poor to provide for them with schooling opportunities, a safe place to live with great food to eat and a communinity-like atmosphere.

But Why?

Last year I was lucky enough to go on a mission trip with my school to each of the places mentioned above. We packed and dispersed hygiene packs in Suwung, Melaya and Blimbingsari, lived with the children in Melaya for a week whilst aiding in building projects - such as safer pathways and pavements. To me, the trip left me empowered to do what I can to help out, and this is one of the ways I’ve decided to do so.

So, for more information, and to securely donate (donations will be taken in AUD), follow the link below. Any money which can be raised goes directly to the two foundations, and is vital to the life changing support these foundations provide. Even $1 will help endlessly in the flight against the poverty cycle.

For the required field, you can enter my full name: Adam Szymfeld

Top Donors

Donors who provide proof of donation will be ecognised here.

So, let’s do this! Whether that be attending the event as a pilot or ATC, donating, or spreading the word: come on down and enjoy the fun!

Terimah Kasih! Sampai Jumpa!
Thank you! See you later!


These are allowed. There was a previous fundraising event held when Australia was suffering from one of the worst bushfire seasons in history which is linked below:

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Ohh, alright, thanks for the clarification.

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Idk if this is a bad thing or not, but there already is a Bali flyout happening soon

Not sure why that’d be a bad thing. This event happens a week or so beforehand.

Regardless, Bali is a brilliant spot to host an event, there’s certainly some great scenery!

Just two days to go!

…and it’s never too late to participate! Whether you’re looking for a short hop to Jakarta, Singapore or Lombok or a long haul to Istanbul - Bali has it for you!

So get along! Help out the cause! We’re doing it for the amazing organisations which change hundreds of lives and break the cycle of poverty for the masses!

I can’t wait to see you there!

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