22K to Hawthorne Municipal

Decided to get up in the reworked Cessna 172 for the first time today. Was going to do pattern work around Santa Barbara, then realised I had just enough fuel to get to Hawthorne, right next to KLAX.

Aircraft: Cessna 172 “N1322K”
Route: KSBA - KHHR
Flight Number: 22K

About to start up my engine in sunny Santa Barbara

Positive rate after a rocky takeoff

Leaving Santa Barbara to fly over the Pacific Ocean a little bit (Fastest route towards Hawthorne)

Dodging some of SoCal’s coastal mountains

Approved transition at or above 2500’ for Los Angeles International

Incredible view of the action at LAX, try and spot the Cessna! (Hint: Centre top of the image)

Too bad not all of the planes actually show up on screen!

About to butter the bread with some aircraft at LAX in between the main gear

Delta 3581, Runway Cessna Wing, cleared to land

All in all, definitely recommend doing a flight like this. So cool to be in a tiny plane right next to all the usual giants of the sky.

Thank you for viewing!


There’s actually a real world procedure for flying over KLAX without contacting ATC.

… Of course Infinite Flight isn’t real, so I highly suggest not doing this unless tuned into Tower, otherwise you’ll have someone screaming down your ears every 2 seconds followed by a week’s peace and quiet.


Ahhh LAX special flight rules! So much fun. I’ve done it irl. A great treat. Looked like fun! The new 172 really is a beaut.

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I legit can’t find the Cessna in picture 6 and its driving me crazy.

Found it!


If IF added squaks then it would be possible

Koodos to you!

Yeah, I was tuned to tower the whole time. It was also nice to have some actual audio other than the drone of the engine.

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Wow this is so real! GA flying in IF is so awesome.