22JUL23: The Summer Vacation Flyout @PHNL

Welcome to the Summer Vacation flyout hosted by @Butter575. I am very excited to host this flyout because this is one of the two large airports in Hawaii I haven’t hosted a flyout. I also travel to Honolulu a lot IRL and in the sim. So come join me as I try to fill the largest airport in the Hawaiian islands!

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Airport: PHNL
Date: 22JUL23

A & B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A13 Hawaiian 717-200 Hilo @Tui_787-8
A14 Hawaiian 717-200 Kahului
A15 Hawaiian 717-200 Lihue
A16 Hawaiian 717-200 Kailua-Kona
A17 Hawaiian 717-200 Hilo
A18 Hawaiian 717-200 Lihue
A19 Hawaiian 717-200 Kahului
A20 Hawaiian 717-200 Lihue
- - - - -
B01 Hawaiian A330-300 Los Angeles @anon87523340
B04 Hawaiian A330-300 Las Vegas @Neva
B05 Hawaiian A330-300 Austin
C & D Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
C01 American 787-9 Dallas Fort Worth
C02 American A321 Phoenix
C03 Westjet 737-800 Vancouver
C04 JetStar 787-8 Melbourne
C05 Philippines A330-300 Manila
C06 ANA 787-9 Tokyo Haneda
C07 Korean Air 777-300ER Seoul
C08 Asiana 777-200 Seoul @Nathan_AviatorTeen
C09 Air Asia X A330-900 Osaka
- - - - -
D01 Japan Airlines 787-9 Tokyo Haneda @Butter575
D02 Japan Airlines 787-9 Osaka
E Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
E01 Southwest 737-800 Kahului @Flyin.Hawaiian
E02 Alaska 737-900 Portland
E03 Southwest 737-800 San Diego
E04 Alaska 737-900 San Francisco @f1430
E05 Southwest 737-800 Lihue
E06 Alaska 737-900 Seattle
E07 Southwest 737-800 Kahului @Bay_Area_Aviation
E08 Delta A321 Seattle
E09 Delta A330-300 Minneapolis @Mort
E10 Delta A330-300 Atlanta
F & G Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
F01 United 777-200 Houston
F02 United 787-9 Chicago
- - - - -
G01 Air New Zealand 787-9 Auckland
G02 United 777-200 San Francisco
G03 United 777-300ER Guam
G04 United 757-200 Los Angeles
G05 United 777-200 Denver
G06 United 767-300 Newark
G07 United 767-300 Washington
G08 Qantas A330-300 Sydney
G09 Fiji 737-700 Apia
G10 United 737-900 Los Angeles
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 Western Global MD-11F Los Angeles @anon38552190
02 FedEx MD-11F Ontario @anon36731834
03 FedEx MD-11F Los Angeles @Matt
04 FedEx 777-F Oakland @Sidewinder74
05 FedEx C208 Lahaina @alikalbk
06 FedEx C208 Kaunakakai @Stick_theLanding
07 FedEx C208 Lanai
08 FedEx C208 Lihue
09 FedEx C208 Lihue
10 FedEx 777-F Memphis @Guillermo_313
11 FedEx 777-F Memphis @Delta21
12 FedEx 777-F Memphis @Chris_Perez
13 UPS 747-8 Hong Kong @PhorzaSky
14 UPS 747-8 Sydney

ATIS: @BenjiTheBull
Ground: @BenjiTheBull
Tower: @BenjiTheBull

  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use unicom properly if necessary
  • Act proffesional
  • Have fun!

This event is sponsored by @FedExVirtual. Be sure to check out their thread below. Thank you @FedExVirtual for sponsoring.


I would love to join but 2pm is right when I get off work. is it possible to have this be hosted a few hrs later?

Can I have this?

Sure thing

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this please for now!

I’ll get you down

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Can I get this but to Minneapolis?

Heyy I did that flight in real life lol

It’s operated on the 767, I can give you the other gate that is already on the 767 if you’d like

This please!

I sense a war about to start with you and @Flyin.Hawaiian lol


There are like 5 other gates to Kahului lol

but Hawaii man loves himself some SWA

I just joined Southwest VA so uhh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Gonna grab this

Sounds good

On the weekends, during the Winter season, Delta operates the flight on an A330-300/Neo, depending.

Ok, I can still put you down on the A333

Thanks! I’ve actually spotted an A330 coming in from HNL before. Butteriest landing ever.

I’ll take this