22JUL22/1200Z | Air China Virtual:Beijing - Guangzhou Express @ZBAA - ZGGG

Air China Virtual takes you to experience Beijing Guangzhou Express

Beijing - Guangzhou Express

Air China Virtual

Beijing and Guangzhou are two of the biggest cities in China. A significant number of world famous companies are based in the two cities, signifying their positions in global commerce. Thousands of business people need to commute between Beijing and Guangzhou. The high demand created what was known as the Jing-Guang Express Airway. Hundreds of flights transfer people between the two economy hubs on a daily basis. To be the leading airline serving this massive ridership flight, Air China and China Southern Airlines put the best service and an enormous member of wide-body aircraft to this route.


Flight Route

Airport : Beijing Capital Airport to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (ZBAA-ZGGG)

Time :2022-07-22T12:00:00Z2022-07-22T15:30:00Z

Server:Expert Server

Flight Time :3h

Aircraft : A330-300 B757-200 B747-8 B787-9 with livery of Air China

Detailed ground map

T2 Gate (CZVG)
Gate Pilot’s Name Aircraft Type Of User
T2 Gate219 @Luke_Skywalker B787-9 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate220 @youmans A350-900 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate221 @Bluesky A330-300 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate222 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate223 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate224 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate226 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate227 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate228 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate229 CZVG Reserved
T2 Gate230 CZVG Reserved
T3C Gate (CAVA)
Gate Pilot’s Name Aircraft Type Of User
T3 C Gate331 @Misaka_BerryXu B787-9 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate332 @HenryD1 A330-300 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate333 @PiggyWu B747-8 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate334 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate335 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate336 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate337 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate307 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate306 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate305 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate304 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate303 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate302 CAVA Reserved
T3 C Gate301 CAVA Reserved
T3D Gate (CXVA)
Gate Pilot’s Name Aircraft Type Of User
T3D Gate405 CXVA Reserved
T3D Gate406 CXVA Reserved
T3D Gate407 CXVA Reserved
T3D Gate408 CXVA Reserved
T3D Gate409 CXVA Reserved
T3D Gate410 CXVA Reserved
T3E Gate (Public)
Gate Pilot’s Name Aircraft Type Of User
T3 E Gate531 @PREM_AVIATION1 B787-9 Public
T3 E Gate530 @Aviator_Theo B787-9 Public
T3 E Gate529 @Winston_Wayne B787-9 Public
T3 E Gate528 Public
T3 E Gate527 Public
T3 E Gate526 Public
T3 E Gate522 Public
T3 E Gate521 Public
T3 E Gate520 Public
T3 E Gate518 Public
T3 E Gate517 Public
T3 E Gate513 Public
T3 E Gate512 Public
T3 E Gate511 Public
T3 E Gate510 Public
T3 E Gate509 Public
T3 E Gate508 Public

ZBAA Controller
ATIS Ground Tower Approach
@Ai-jetwu @Ai-jetwu @Ai-jetwu @Ray_Wang
ZGGG Controller
ATIS Ground Tower Approach
@Draco_Dai @Draco_Dai @Draco_Dai @Ray_Wang
FIR Controller
Beijing Center Wuhan Center Guangzhou Center
@JeffreyTian @JeffreyTian @JeffreyTian
How to sign up?

If you want to sign up, just comment on the aircraft type and User type , After that the staff will add you to the list, including the Gate

Give an example : [ B787-9 P ] ( P Means Public)

If you are a member of CAVA , CZVG or CXVA please replace P with your VA


1.Our team member will update the list every 24 hours. If you have any questions about sign up, please DM @Misaka_BerryXu

2.We recommended entering the session 10 minutes before the event’s start.We will create a DM for all those participants an hour before the event’s started for communication purposes only.

3.Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!

Our team members are dedicated to providing the best VA event experience as much as possible; if have any questions, our team is here for anything you might need; kindly address any of your requests to DM @Ray_Wang, Thank you once again for choosing to stay with us, and all the team members at Air China Virtual are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

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Wish you Have a good flight !


Air China Virtual EM


Welcome to join the event! This is the second event of new CAVA and we prepared it for lots of days.Last event was successful, so let’s create a new splendor this time!


[A330-300 CAVA]
callsign B-HYD


I’ll add you in to our list.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us!

Ray W.
PR/HR Manager
CAVA | Air China Virtual


[A350-941 CZVG]
THank you


BOEING 787-9
Exciting event


[ B787-8 CZVG ]
Thank you!


I’m glad you’re interested in our activities,I have added you to the list.

See you in the air !
Air China VirtualEM


Also May I please ask about my application of CAVA I requested about a month ago

I did the test and I passed and sent to you but no one reply me


I’ll send you a DM,


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[B747-8 CAVA]
callsign PIGGYWU


We’ll add you in to our list.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us!

Ray W.
PR/HR Manager
CAVA | Air China Virtual

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[A330 CZVG]
THank you


Welcome aboard !

Airchina Virtual EM


Air China b789
Callsign: Air China 17


May i get this gate?
Callsign- Air China 1309

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It’s a good news to know that you’re interested !

Have a good flight
AirChina Virtual EM

so am i allowed for the event?

Yes, once you have been confirmed and added to our gate list, I’ll inform our event manager regarding your gate information.


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