22JUL20 / 2000Z - My 14'th Birthday Flyout @ KSBA

Alright! I’ll put you on right now!!!

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Sounds good man! Happy birthday and thanks for signing me up!

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Thanks so much for filling up my event guys! it means so much that you want to attend my birthday digital celebration. I can’t hold a celebration with family in person cause of rona.

i dont mean to burst your bubble but why is here 2 @Populeux_Music?

Oh yeeeaaaaa! Thanks for pointing that out! @Populeux_Music which route u taking?

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San Francisco

I’ll see if I can join.

Okay thank you very much. I will add you into the table and PM once you have decided, but there is one more gate only left, so be quick if ya want it!

Edit: @PilotChrisSG Said signups we’re closed two days ago, but he might open up the signups to let more in. He can keep you updated


I’m extending signups to Monday! I have to change the time a little further!


Will there be a 4th leg?

Sorry dude can’t make it anymore. Happy birthday though!

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Alright! I’ll take you off the list.

Nope, Only 3 waves ! 🙃 Would you like a gate?

Can I take Chicago Wave 1?

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Yes! I’ll put you right now!

Thanks v. much!

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Signups are now closed

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Guys! Unfortunatly I have to rescedule this event till a later date! I will try to reschedule this as a belated birthday celebration along the lines of September or October. I have to get started studying for high school!

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to @VH-VCQ for helping me. @VH-VCQ do you mind shooting me a pm when you getta chance? Please contact me any suggestions for airports!

No probs mate! Would love if anybody signed up to my current event: 8AUG20 / 2200Z - Memory lane flyout @ LEBL

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