22JUL20 / 2000Z - My 14'th Birthday Flyout @ KSBA

Welcome to my Birthday Flyout!
On July 22,2020, I will be turning 14. I’ve chosen my home airport KSBA. I was born in Santa Barbara, but currently reside in Atlanta.

Time: 2000Z
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (IATA: SBA , ICAO: KSBA , FAA LID: SBA ) is 7 miles (11 km) west of downtown Santa Barbara, California. SBA covers 948 acres (384 ha) of land.[1].
Six airlines serve the airport as of April 2020 with non-stop flights to Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco by United Airlines; Portland and Seattle by Alaska Airlines; Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth by American Airlines; Denver by Frontier Airlines; Oakland, Sacramento, and Las Vegas by Contour Airlines, and Salt Lake City by Delta Airlines. In 2019, nearly 1 million passengers used the airport.

More about SBA → Santa Barbara Municipal Airport - Wikipedia

Santa Barbara only accommodates 5 gates.
WAVE 1 @ 2000Z (Full)
Gate. Destination. Pilot
Gate 1: Denver - American A320 - @Populeux_Music

Gate 2: Las Vegas.- American A320 - @anon43244797

Gate 3: Phoenix - American CRJ900 -@ORD777flyer

Gate 4: Chicago - United 2019 B737-800 @MattyTH

Gate 5: Portland - Alaska B737-800 @Captain-787

WAVE 2 @ 2010Z

Gate 1: San Fransisco - United CRJ700 @Patrick_McCormack

Gate 2: Seattle - Alaska B737-800 @Udeme_Ekpo

Gate 3: Portland - Alaska B737-800 @Johhhn

Gate 4: Portland - Alaska B737-800 @LoneStarAviation

Gate 5: Los Angeles - United CRJ700 @Chuck_Aviation

WAVE 3 @ 2020Z

Gate 1: San Diego - United CRJ700 @Planeviation

Gate 2: Portland - Alaska B737-800 @charrison

Gate 3: San Fransisco - United A320. @Populeux_Music

Gate 4: Atlanta - Delta B737-800 @PilotCSG

Gate 5: Tucson - United B737-700 @AviationFreak

Please join me in celebrating my Birthday!


I‘ll chose Gate 2,Happy birthday,bro!

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I’ll take gate 3 please happy birthday

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@ORD777flyer @anon43244797, You’re signed up! Thank you for joining my celebration!

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Thanks for having us I hope you have an awesome birthday

I’ll take gate 1 (standby cause I’m 50% sure and not sure)

Alrighty! Hope to see you there!

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@PilotChrisSG I recommend you have waves, like one, two and three, all your choice of time apart. I could make you a flight table and then I fill it in for you ;)

Oh please, Can you do it? Thank you!

No worries ;)

I will take gate 5. Happy Birthday!

Attention!: I am not running this however please tag me if you will take a gate. I’m sure this will be approved by @PilotChrisSG and hope he doesn’t kill me 🙃

Gate Destination Pilot wave 1 @2010Z Pilot wave 2 @2020Z Pilot wave 3 @2030Z
1 Denver @Populeux_Music
2 Las Vegas @anon43244797
3 Phoenix @ORD777flyer
4 Chicago
5 Portland @Captain-787

@Captain-787 I will pop you in here for gate five.

@Populeux_Music, @anon43244797, @ORD777flyer, @Captain-787? @PilotChrisSG will let me know what the times are but for now you will be in wave 1. I will shuffle if necessary ;)


When is the waves


@PilotChrisSG will determine that.

Perfect, wave 1 works

Gotcha, let me and @PilotChrisSG know of any changes please

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Ok thanks man

Well happy birthday my guy! Can I go to Portland? Any wave works for me.

@PilotChrisSG please decide on a time soon.

@LoneStarAviation sure thing, pop you in 2

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Cool, can’t wait!