22JAN23 Alaska Horizon Q400 Retirement Send Off @PDX

alright I got the screenshot

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Great flight, went well. Cant wait to see the shots

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Down. Thanks for the invite guys! Was a great flight, besides the missed approach i had alot of fun!


Thank you all for joining, controlling, or otherwise contributing to the event! It was a nice busy flight, even if it was a bit crowded at times, this was definitely the most Q400s I’ve seen in one spot before!

by the end of the week the real life Horizon Q400 won’t be flying any more

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See you next time!

damnit I’m skipping school to go to Seattle. (I wish I could say that :( )


I just wish one of them would drop by MFR in the day time again, but I haven’t seen them here since very early this year and since it’s a matter of days at this point (or whenever the 29th is) it’s unlikely

@AIDAN101 Wanna continue on in a different plane to somewhere?

I hope you had a good flight all. I enjoyed it a lot!


I definitely am, just finding a route

photos are en route


at PDX


mama Mia that’s a lotta Dash 8s

That’s not including a few that have already departed or otherwise aren’t in frame

Great Event. Thank you


Thank you to all who participated! This was an amazing event and had a spectacular turn-out! Hope you guys can also attend the A320 Retirement Send Off that @AIDAN101 also has created later in March!

Have a great rest of your day!
Alaska Airlines Virtual - Chief Operations Officer


Wait they are retiring the A320??

They already did

Back on the 9th it did its final revenue flight and the following day the last two went to the desert