22JAN23 Alaska Horizon Q400 Retirement Send Off @PDX

damn i was only doing 110 but it really felt slow

that AA 772 booking it on the taxi

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just put that flight in myFlightRadar logbook.

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My landing kinda sucked because I was trying to give space for another Q400 (they had to go around anyway but it was worth a shot)

Well that was my first time in the dash 8 and it ended terribly thanks for the flight though probably should have glanced over approach speeds

just let me know when we’re ready for the screenshot

Looks like 4 Q400s are still up on approach

We definitely lost a few Q400s from departure to arrival

yeah this is a lot smaller a crowd. wonder if they time out or their games crashed

Could be a number of things

But hey, the sights of all the Q400s at PDX was cool even if it couldn’t be replicated here at arrival

I wonder if the SEA controllers are wondering “why haven’t those 4 Dash 8’s at the gates despawned yet?”

Well our @FN60fps on approach shouldn’t wonder, since they’re in on all this

Idk about tower, or all the others here, who saw this stream of Q400s pile in

seems like the last dash 8s have arrived

Yep the last bunch seem to be rolling up

Don’t worry guys we’re all aware :)

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actually I’ll get the screenshot in replay mode so the photo isn’t tainted with the HUD.

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I’d wait until @Lukeolson55 pulls in then you can get your screen shot

You’re able to hide it, but hey whatever works!

how ironic a dash 8 spawns amidst its kin

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Oh 😂
I was on the Beta server. 🤦🏼‍♂️