22JAN23 / 0100Z - Air China Virtual Presents: Beijing Fly-In: Celebrating the Chinese New Year

你好 and hello, IFC! After a period of handover and preparation, Air China Virtual (CAVA) is returning to the Infinite Flight community! The new CAVA staff team started preparations for the relaunch in September 2022. Today, we are excited to announce that we will formally commence operations on January 22nd, 2023, the day of the Chinese New Year. More information regarding applying to CAVA will be coming soon on our official thread. Make sure you keep an eye out for it!

To celebrate our upcoming launch, we want to kick off the start of CAVA 4.0 by hosting a community event to celebrate both the relaunch of CAVA and the Chinese New Year. The airport for the event will be Air China’s hub: Beijing Capital International Airport (ZBAA). From an ancient-walled capital to a showpiece megacity in barely a century, Beijing spins a breathless yarn of triumph, tragedy, endurance, and innovation. Air China Virtual invites you to hop on a flight with us to this historical city and celebrate Chinese New Year with us at our primary hub!

Server: Expert Server

Gate/Terminal Guide for ZBAA

Terminal 1: Hainan Airlines and its subsidiaries.

Terminal 2: Both domestic and international routes for China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, SkyTeam Members (excluding Alitalia and China Airlines), Oneworld Members American Airlines and SriLankan Airlines, and Air Koryo.

Terminal 3: Primarily houses Air China, Shandong Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Star Alliance Members, and Skyteam Members Alitalia and China Airlines. Terminal 3C (T3C) handles all domestic flights. International flights and those to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, are handled in Terminal 3E (T3E).

Our Suggested Routes

Don’t know where to fly in from? Not a worry! We’ve got you covered. We’ve attached eight of our recommended routes below. Keep in mind you are not limited to these routes! Let your imagination roam free.

  • Long Haul 1: KLAX-ZBAA (12:45)
  • Long Haul 2: EGLL-ZBAA (9:30)
  • Medium Haul 1: WSSS-ZBAA (5:00)
  • Medium Haul 2: RJTT-ZBAA (4:00)
  • Short Haul 1: VHHH-ZBAA (2:40)
  • Short Haul 2: ZUCK-ZBAA (2:00)
  • Short Haul 3: RKSI-ZBAA (1:50)
  • Short Haul 4: ZSSS-ZBAA (1:45)


  1. Please avoid flying locally from nearby fields (like ZBAD) to ZBAA, especially during heavy traffic. Accommodation of non-jet GA aircraft and pattern work will be at ATC’s discretion.

  2. If there is heavy traffic, we ask you to be patient and don’t spam the ATC frequencies. We ask for your full cooperation with IFATC and to follow all expert server rules. We will not be held liable for any violations incurred on your account. Your plane, your responsibility.

  3. Usage of professional flight plans (to include usage of SIDs, STARs, NAT-OTS and PAC-OTS, and Airways) are strongly recommended to not only enhance realism, but to ease the workload on ATC and create a more organised flow. fpltoif.com is a great website to get a flight plan.

  4. If you are flying Air China or any other Chinese airline, you don’t have to avoid Russian Airspace. All European and North American carriers will be restricted from flying over Russian airspace. Pilots should avoid any routing that passes through Russia.

  5. Have fun, and respect each other! Don’t forget to share your awesome screenshots.

If you wish to join Air China Virtual, visit our website at airchinavirtual.com


Yayy🥳 can’t wait to fly with CAVA


It’s been a pleasure to take part in the CAVA management team working to bring this airline I always loved back to the community!


Happy New Year! I can’t wait to fly with CAVA!


OHHHHHHHHHHH! CAVA is back! I gotta be dreaming🤩! Definitely coming o(^▽^)o


Awesome thread! Many Thanks to @ToasterStroodie Mr. Toaster for helping out with the project!

As the newest Liaison Officer for CAVA, I can’t say how much I am exciting to join this team! I have been working with many versions of the CAVA management team before (it seems like I’m stocking with CAVA somehow, lol). Either is the very first 1.0 off to our very newest 4.0; it has always been a fun time either working here or just simply, flying with CAVA, fantastic team members and more of the amazing people we have here.

Can’t wait for the 2023 Chinese New Year, and you know what, the returning day of the Air China Virtual! See you there!


great event!Can’t wait to see ZBAA filled with aircrafts and it is great to spread Chinese culture to the world!


Great event!I can’t wait to fly to Beijing on that day!Happy new year!❤️


Fly back home for the new year!

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I’ll definitely be there! Flying Jakarta-Beijing. Happy new year!

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Looks like i’ll be flying Air China from EGLL, then swapping for domestic routes once in China. Looking forward to it!


One week from CAVA’s first event!


Hello CAVA, 👋

I will be more than happy to provide ATC for this event.


Hi! @FlightG

I appreciate your interest in supporting us with the event! Given that our event has already been flagged as an featured community event, we won’t be able to reserve any ATC assignment for you; all of the ATC take-overs are based on first-come, first-served policy. Whenever you have time, jump into the IFATC discord and take over whatever control position you are interested in!

It would be our pleasure to assist you with these and more. Our team is here for anything you might need; kindly send us a DM, and we will attend to all details.

Thank you once again for choosing to participate in our Chinese New Year celebration event. All the team members at Air China Virtual are looking forward to seeing you in the sky together soon!

Happy New Year!
Ray W.
Liaison Officer|Air China Virtual


Will join this amazing event from Tokyo Narita to Beijing 🛫


Little change of plans for me.
Gonna be doing these flights:
Overnighter: YSSY-ZBAA (Air China - A330)
And a round trip: ZBAA-ZDGY-ZBAA (Air China - B737)

See you all there!


Very good event!
Looking forward to controling ZBAA~


So many routes to Beijing Capital to choose from. Tough pick to make.


You can look into the routes we suggested above!


definiatly going to come this event, see you there and happy new year