22JAN22 / 1230Z - The Great Cape town Fly-out @ FACT

what: @nOthing2seehere @CMR @canton and @Variable are proud to present: The Great Cape Town Fly Out. Seeing as Africa is one of the least flown in continents we have decide to host our event in the beautiful capital of South Africa.

About Cape Town:

About South Africa:

Server: Training

Airport: Cape Town Int - ICAO: FACT

Time: 2022-01-22T10:30:00Z

Gates and Routes:

Flight Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
Int Paris CDG 777-300 Air France
Int Amsterdam schipole 777-300 KLM @canton
Int London Hethrow 777-300 BA
Int Dubai 777-300 Emirates @turkishcaptain_batu
Int Addis Abba 777-300 Ethiopian airlines @HUMVEE
Int New York, Newark 787-9 dreamliner united airlines
Int istanbul A330 Turkish
Int Hong Kong a330 South african
int Mumbai 787-8 air india
int Singapore A350 Singapore airlines
Flight Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
Domestic East London 737 Comair BA @Captian_Bryon
Domestic Johanesburg Tambo embraer e175 air link by South African/generic
Domestic Durban A319 South african/generic @Wanda_Ndlela
Domestic Port elizebeth embraer e190 airlink/generic @Noobygamer2718
domestic pretoria 737 kulula/generic
Domestic Johanesburg Tambo 737 Comair BA @CMR
ground tower departure center
@Yanis_El-Kfel_Coulon <

Thank you and we hope to see you there


Ok sure thx

But I don’t see the gates and routes?

Sorry, ur putting them in

yup that what im doing

@Variable please u need to add the routes

Plssss @Variable add the routes

Add HK and Shenzhen @Variable

OK we are accepting routes and ATC

Change Hong Kong to Cathay Pacific A350

I would like The United 787-9 to Newark Please

sure will add you

if anyone wants a different route of to change the aircraft/airline on a route please let me know

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May I please have a comair 738 flight to Johannesburg?

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@CMR enjoy your flight to Johannesburg

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Great thanks!

Can I be the ATC for tower and/or ground plesase

sure il add you for tower now because in case anyone else want to

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Thanks you!

Various spelling errors, could you please correct?