22JAN21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Nepali Peaks (A GA Event) @ Nepal

One thing I don’t understand is why everyone flies to Lukla, when there are many other interesting and challenging airports on offer there!


Probably because Lukla is the most well known…and it’s very challenging

Just had one of the best approaches in all of Infinite Flight. The Runway 06 approach into VNJS is amazing! I highly recommend trying this approach today!


PSA For All Pilots!

I have been controlling today and many people confuse right and left downwinds.

When on left downwind the airport is on your left side!

When one right downwind the airport is on your Right side!

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Is this 0600Z am? Or 1800z?

The FNF began 12 hours ago at 2021-01-22T06:00:00Z and will conclude in 12 hours at 2021-01-23T05:59:00Z, where the region will shift to Canada as previously scheduled in the ATC Schedule.

The times listed above will convert to your device’s time zone.

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Thank you 😎✈️

how is FNF going? can’t wait to fly when I get out of school!

Mount Everest co-ordinates for those sightseeing:


Paste these in your flight plan and you will fly nice and close to it.


Hmm why is everyone one just Flaying Airport to Airport. Just experience the Scenery and do some fun like we did and met new people that like to do same things.

Thanks for meeting you @Dillonshrop and @Oskapew


Im done :)

Route: Patna - Katmandu - Lukla - Mount Everest sightseeing - Katmandu
Flight Time: 1:29
Aircraft: TBM - N930IF

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How’s lukla right now? Is it easy to land the TBM there?

If you want to park on the runway (currently the only option) and get reported then yeah go ahead

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Atlanta needs to a FNF again :)

This one was fun too!

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Wow! This FNF really impressed me. It was a lot more difficult than I thought, but flying GA was so much fun!

Well, yes, got a crash and acrobatic violation…

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Well, I don’t really know what to say about that…

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Well this is by far the best FNF ever!

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Well, RIP is enough! Could not see the rwy, then got my go around wrong, got too much bank angle because I was scared of mountains, then a big stall…
Did another flight, which went nicely!