22JAN21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Nepali Peaks (A GA Event) @ Nepal

This week the general aviation world is front and centre for the Friday Night Flight. As we head to the stunning landscapes of Nepal, pilots gain an opportunity to fly to airports and areas they would little explore otherwise. With almost all the airports across the nation open to traffic, now is the time for you to see new sights and fly to new areas!

Many of these airports have only a handful of spawn points. However, the ramp area can accommodate more than a few aircraft, so we suggest flying into these airports if the ramp is full; there will still be space! Pleased be advised that Lukla will likely be busy, so aircraft may have to hold visually for extended periods before being allowed into the airspace.

There are a large number of stunning uncontrolled airports in the nation too, some perched right on the highest peaks in the area. This week we suggest you get out and explore these, with the focus being on the beauty of Nepal, not the controlled airports!

Kangchenjunga, the second highest peak in Nepal, was believed to be the highest until what date?

  • Mid 1540s
  • 2006
  • Mid 19th Century
  • Late 20th Century

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So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #fridaynightflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Event Specifics

Server: Any
Aircraft: C172, C208, SR22, XCub,TBM, and Spitfire ONLY
Livery: Any

Begin - Friday 22nd January @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Saturday 23rd January @ 06:00 ZULU

January 22, 2021January 23, 2021

Airport ICAO Frequencies Number of Spawns
VNTJ Tower 3 Spawns
VNCG Tower 3 Spawns
VNVT Tower 4 Spawns
VNRB Tower 2 Spawns
VNTR Tower 3 Spawns
VNRT Tower 1 Spawns
VNLK Tower + Approach 5 Spawns
VNJP Tower 2 Spawns
VNRC Tower 2 Spawns
VNSI Tower 3 Spawns
VNKT ATIS + Ground + Tower + Approach 10+ Spawns
VNPK Tower 5 Spawns
VNMA Tower 2 Spawns
VNBW Tower 2 Spawns
VNJS Tower 4 Spawns
VNBR Tower 2 Spawns
ZULS Tower + Ground 10+ Spawns
VQPR Tower 10+ Spawns
VEPY Tower 2 Spawns
ZUNZ Tower 2 Spawns

NOTAMs Pattern work at ATC discretion. No commercial aircraft permitted at event airports. C172, C208, SR22, XCub, TBM, and Spitfire aircraft only at all hub airports. Failure to adhere to TFR will result in ATC report. Be advised that arrival into VNLK is limited and aircraft may have to visually hold for extended periods of time or divert. VNMA runway 29 usage only. VNRT runway 35 usage only.

Important. Please Read


Amazing event! Been waiting for a GA FNF.


For some reason I think we have to read the TFR information first 🤔


Spitfore indeed.


A GENERAL AVIATION FNF!!! I am so happy! Thanks for this one Misha!


Yay! A GA FNF, and that too in such a stunning location! Can’t wait!

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Lmao. You got me with the TFR’s.


But I don’t wanna read my TFRs!!


That would be useful 🥲


Bet you don’t want a report either! 😂


Amazing Fnf Misha! I’m definitely doing this one.

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thanks misha, can’t wait to control these airports

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Nice FNF!

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Hello! In most of these airports, usually airlines just as Shree Airlines (in Nepal), and Saurya Air both operate the CRJ-200, as well as the CRJ-700. Shree Airlines also uses the q400. For some routes, can we be permitted to use the q400/crj family. VNCG permits all of the aircraft listed, VNPK allows the q400, VNPT allows the CRJ-200, as well as the Q400, and all of the southern airports, at least most of them permit those aircraft.


This is undoubtly one of the most exciting FNF’s ever! Thank you so much for creating this!


I see 3 airports on that list there that I reworked 😁 great FNF has diversity


Nope, this event is GA only 😀


Fantastic event thank you @MishaCamp I’ll be flying some of these flights 😎✈️


Although I’m in grade 2, I will still fly in this event :)