22JAN21 / 0300Z - A Good 8 hour flight if no Delays! @ EGLL to CYYZ (CANCLED)

777-300ER Air Canada


2021-01-23T03:00:00Z or 0300Z

Expert Server

Pilots Attending

@PilotA320, callsign P4-LOT

Additional Information -

  • Spawn in 10 minutes from the group flight start time.

  • Copy flight plan from me @PilotA320.

  • IFATC may be present because it is featured, if not please use Unicom correctly and if IFATC is present please follow all instructions.

  • Do not pushback at the same time as others please, I will make a pushback order in the official PM. And maintain appropriate spacing with other aircraft.

  • I am not responsible for any violations/reports you may receive. A tip to avoid violations: always be proactive during climb and descent.

  • Gates will be assigned in official PM.

  • I hope you can make it, and most importantly always have fun!

29 minutes until starting time!

Canceled no sign ups.

OP requested closure