22feb22 / 1500z / training server / airforce one escorts /

Following tensions in Ukraine, Mr. President will have a series of meetings with VIP’s in different airports across Europe today.

*Starting at EGLL (Heathrow) @ 1500z - Arrive 15 Minutes early. *
Then to LFPG (Paris)
Then to UKKK (Ukraine Kiev Intl)
Then to EHAM (Amsterdam)
Returning to EGLL (Heathrow)

At EGLL choose stands in the vicinity of Terminal 2B.

Here’s the operational needs:

  • At least 4 jet fighters to closely escort Air Force One ( @Connor_Chinn ) and intercept non-ATC compliant / close / inbound aircrafts along the route;

*** At least 1 tanker so the jets won’t have to worry about burning fuel;**
*** 1 civilian plain livery A380 for medias;**
*** Other military aircrafts / plain livery civilian at discretion.**
*** Military callsign please.**

  • If an ATC wants to join, let us know in PM so we can discuss.

Few…not rules but… area of focus / expected behavior of our training if you want to voluntary opt in:

  • We want to train about formations also so…the use of “flight of” is needed. Report live to this post so we can arrange this and the formations and give some explanations if needed…

  • For the ATC’s benefits, don’t request etc… when under “flight of”… Yesterday was a total chaos on the frequencies. When flying in formation, only the leader will communicate with the ATC.
    Others aircrafts in the same formation sits and listen.
    They follow the same instructions, pacing on the leader of their formation.

Only AF1 talks to the ATC. We all follow him without requesting / reporting.
ATC is supposed to expect it that way.
Please read about this before flying with us.
This forum is very full of info and this is important to respect other pilots / ATC.

  • Departing an airport:

    • Formation 1 (flight of 3): Bullet 99, Stricker 04 and striker 01 will T/O few minutes before AF1, ask for a transition and fly a pattern around the airport waiting for AF1 departure.

      • The sequence will be
        • Stricker 04
        • Bullet 99 (leader)
        • Stricker 01
    • Formation 2: AF1, stricker 02, stricker 03 and others…

      • The sequence will be:
        • Stricker 02
        • AF1 (leader)
        • Stricker 03
        • Others
  • Arriving an airport:

    • Stricker 04 will request for a transition entering the tower’s airspace

    • AF1 will request for landing

    • Bullet 99 ( @J-F_V ) will perform low-pass fly by before AF1 arrival, will call for go around, then request for a transition and then become the leader of a second formation with Stricker 04, striker 01 and other aircrafts who doesn’t want to land.

    • Aircrafts who wants to land just have to follow AF1 on it’s landing.

    • Aircrafts who wants to stay airborne just have to follow striker 04 on it’s pattern / bullet 99 on it’s low pass / touch and go

sequence will be:

  • Stricker 04 stay airborn and fly a pattern at transition’s altitude around the airport;

  • Bullet 99 (go around - transition - holding pattern around the airport to secure the airspace while AF1 on ground)

  • Stricker 01 (go around with me)

  • Stricker 02 (landing, securing in front of AF1 while taxi / parking)

  • AF1 (landing)

  • Stricker 03 (landing, securing behind AF1 while taxi / parking)

  • And so on…

  • Airborne formation: Bullet 99, striker 04, striker 01 and other’s)

  • Ground formation: AF1, striker 02, striker 03, and others

  • Cruising: AF1 and it’s fighter’s diamond escort (Stricker 01 front, 02 left, 03 right and 04 in the 6th) will adopt a speed of 300 while cruising so that’s a good time to come and play around. Fighters will tolerate you if you are part of the formation.

  • Jetfighters: No one out of the formation is allowed within 10 NM of AF1 without security fly-by.


@Connor_Chinn Bullet 99 will fly a DC10 that day so the fighters already have at least one tanker, but now we’ll need a globemaster for the limo 😂😂

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@Nicolas_Campos You are welcome even if not for the entire journey!
Feel free to join and again tanks for yesterday’s practice refuelling in KLAX’s vicinity

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Okay dokey

Already there. Made a flight from LFPG to EGLL. Had a moose fighter with me at EGLL for a pattern. He’s now gone but maybe he’ll be back later 🤷🏼‍♂️

LFPG… thank you fighters!!

Refueling AF1 and it’s fighters…

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