22DEC2022 Cleveland Flyout!

Thanks so much!

Could you change it to Jetblue e190 to boston?

I already have you down for the E175 to Boston, u wnat that?

Sure that will be fine.

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Can I switch to this but on Alaska to Seattle?

There was another Seattle flight already open so i got you down for that.

Oh ok thanks. Also you still have me down for my old flight at gate C4

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@ajstebick643 i see you pressed going, but never claimed a gate, would you like one?

Can I fly aerolingus to Dublin a321 gate 14a

No, that doesn’t exist IRL and plus there is no 14A listed. Sorry.

Sorry I meant terunmal c

I will fly united 737-800 to Denver then in terinmal 2 gate27

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Getting you down!

I’ll take this one thanks!

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Yup! Getting you down.

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Event Bump!

I can take this one! Thanks.

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Welcome back! I got you down

Event bump!

@flyin_hawaiian unfortunately I can no longer join due to school