22AUG21/1700Z-The American Airlines Mega Hub Fly Out @KCLT

Welcome to The Charlotte fly out at KCLT airport one of the many American Airlines hubs! If you attend this event please spawn at 1640Z and pushback 1700Z


                      About KCLT

KCLT is a huge hub for USA big 3 member American Airlines they have gates at 3 concourses not to mention the concourse for there regional partners.At KCLT there are lots of international flights, sadly I can not include a lot because many of there international routes are operated by American A330.KCLT has 4 runways 18R/36L being 9,007FT long, 18C/36C being 10,009FT long,18L/36R being 8,686FT long, and 5/23 being 7,509FT long

                     KCLT history

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) has been owned and operated by the City of Charlotte for 86 year. Established in 1935 and opened as Charlotte Municipal Airport, its name was later changed to Douglas Municipal Airport, honoring former Mayor Ben Elbert Douglas, Sr.

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KCLT photos


B gates

KCLT-KFLL-737-800-gate B1
KCLT-KMYR-A320-gate B2-@jtrrs1

A Gates

KCLT-KMDW-Southwest 737-700-gateA1
KCLT-KDEN-Southwest 737-700-gateA3
KCLT-KLAS-Southwest 737-700-gateA5
KCLT-KATL-Southwest 737-700-gateA7
KCLT-KMCO-Southwest 737-700-gateA9
KCLT-KDTW-Delta 717-gateA2
KCLT-KATL-delta 717-gateA4
KCLT-KSLC-delta 737-800-gateA6
KCLT-KJFK-delta CRJ 900-gateA8
KCLT-KMSP-delta CRJ 900-gateA10
KCLT-KMSP-American 737-800-gateA11
KCLT-KPDX-American 737-800-gateA12-@anon36731834
KCLT-TNCM-American 757-200-gateA13
KCLT-KPHL-Southwest 737-700-gateA21-@Wesley_Fry
KCLT-KDEN-Frontier A320-gateA22
KCLT-KLGA-Delta E170-gateA23
KCLT-KBOS-Jet Blue E190-gateA24-@JBU173
KCLT-KORD- United 737-700-gateA25
KCLT-KEWR- Spirit airlines a321-gateA26
KCLT-KDEN-Southwest 737-700-gateA27
KCLT-KBOS-Southwest 737-700-gateA28
KCLT-KORD-Southwest 737-700-gateA29

C Gates

These are all American Airlines flights
KCLT-KMCO-A321-gate C2
KCLT-KMIA-A321-gate C3
KCLT-KSMF-A321-gate C4-@Arizona_Aviator
KCLT-KLAS-A321-gate C5
KCLT-KBOS-737-800-gate C6
KCLT-TIST-757-200-gate C7
KCLT-KRDU-737-800-gate C8
KCLT-KDEN-737-800-gate C9
KCLT-KRIC-A320-gate C10
KCLT-KDCA-737-800-gate C11-@jacobDiaz
KCLT-KCHS-A320-gate C12
KCLT-KFLL-737-800-gate C13
KCLT-KIAH-737-800-gate C14
KCLT-KLGA-737-800-gate C15 these the York
KCLT-KLGA A321- gate C16 are New buddies
KCLT-KATL-A321-gate C17
KCLT-KSTL-737-800-gate C18
KCLT-KBNA-A320-gate C19

D gates

KCLT-EDDM- Lufthansa A350-gate D2X
KCLT-EDDM- Lufthansa a330-gate D5X-@HUMVEE
KCLT-EGLL-American 777-200ER-gate D9X-@AlaksaAirfireball111
KCLT-EIWD-US airways 757- gate D11
KCLT-CYYZ-Air Canada CRJ 200-gate D13
KCLT-MMUN-American A321-gate D12
KCLT-PHNL-American 777-200ER-gate D10X-


E gates

These are all American eagle flights operated by PSA Airlines
KCLT-KMKE-CRJ 900-gate E1
KCLT-KIAD-CRJ 900- gate E2
KCLT-KRDU-CRJ 900-gate E3
KCLT-KRIC-CRJ 900-gate E4
KCLT-KMOB- CRJ-700-gate E5
KCLT-KMYR-CRJ 900-gate E5A-@Tom_Jennings
KCLT-KRST-CRJ 900-gate E6
KCLT-KSGF-CRJ 900-gate E7
KCLT-KCHO- CRJ 900-gate E8-@wpal123jet
KCLT-KPVD- CRJ 900-gate E9
KCLT-KECP-CRJ-900-gate E11
KCLT-KMDT-CRJ 900-gate E13
KCLT-KBNA-CRJ 900-gate E14A
KCLT-KBTV-CRJ 900-gate E14B
KCLT-KTHL-CRJ 900-gate E15-@plane_guy12
KCLT-KPIT-CRJ 900-gate E16
KCLT-KBHM-CRJ 900-gate E17
KCLT-KTUL-CRJ 900-gate E18-@Aviation2929
KCLT-KJAN-CRJ 900-gate E19
KCLT-KOKC-CRJ 900-gate E20-
KCLT-KCVG-CRJ 700-gate E21
KCLT-KDAB-CRJ 700-gate E22
KCLT-KSBN-CRJ 900-gate E23
KCLT-KSAV-CRJ 700-gate E24
KCLT-KGSP-CRJ 700-gate E25
KCLT-KMHT-CRJ 900-gate E26
KCLT-KDSM-CRJ 900-gate E27
KCLT-KVPS-CRJ 900-gate E28
KCLT-KSGF-CRJ 700-gate E29
KCLT-KILM-CRJ 900-gate E30
KCLT-KATL-CRJ 900-gate E31
KCLT-KPNS-CRJ 700-gate E32
KCLT-KPIA-CRJ 700-gate E33
KCLT-KLFT-CRJ 700-gate E34
KCLT-KTYS-CRJ 700-gate E35A
KCLT-KSDF-CRJ 900-gate E35B
KCLT-KEWN-CRJ 700-gate E35C
KCLT-KORF-CRJ 700-gate E36
KCLT- KAVP-CRJ 900-gate E38A
KCLT-KFNT-CRJ 900-gate E38B
KCLT-KOAJ-CRJ 900-gate E38Cimage

Cargo gates

KCLT-KSDF-UPS MD11F-UPS cargo apron 1
KCLT-KSDF-UPS MD11F-UPS cargo apron 2
KCLT-KSDF-UPS MD11F-UPS cargo apron 3
KCLT-KSDF-UPS MD11F-UPS cargo apron 4
KCLT-KSDF-UPS MD11F-UPS cargo apron 5
KCLT-KSDF-UPS MD11F-UPS cargo apron 6
KCLT-KMEM-FedEx 777F-FedEx cargo apron 1
KCLT-KMEM-FedEx 777F-FedEx cargo apron 2
KCLT-KMEM-FedEx 777F-FedEx cargo apron 3
KCLT-KMEM-FedEx 777F-FedEx cargo apron 5

Thanks for looking at the topic and I hope to see in the skies at KCLT

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This one pls!

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Which aircraft? A321 or 737

a321 thx man!

Can i have this but changed to a A319 as American use it on this route IRL. Proof if you want it Flight AA1597 / AAL1597 - American Airlines - RadarBox Flight Tracker

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Got it the one I saw on flight radar was CRJ but I will change it and just to make sure you gonna have to use generic livery for it there’s no American

@Aviatorwyatt in that case forget that i will stay with the crj

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All right got it

Please sign me up for this one

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Can I have this flight please but Southwest Airlines?

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Ok thanks Wyatt!

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May I have this gate?

May I have gate B15 to KSAN pls

Thanks for telling me!

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what time would this event be in PST time?

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