22AUG21 / 1400Z AIVA Presents: The Mega Mumbai Fly-Out @ VABB

🇮🇳 Air India Virtual Presents: The Mega Mumbai Fly-Out 🇮🇳

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Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (VABB) is India’s second largest and busiest airport located just under 8 kilometres or 5 miles away from the city centre of Mumbai! VABB serves just under 50 million passengers annually with direct routes to over 30 countries and 104 destinations!

Mumbai International Airport has won many awards over the years including the “Best Airport in India and Central Asia!” It was also a highly rated airport by Service Quality Awards who noted that the airport is exceptionally good for the amount of operations they see annually!

Yearly, Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport handles around 346,750 aircraft! All these operations are served by two operational runways. VABB sees operations from over 45 airlines and 15 cargo based operators!

To learn more about Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, read this web-page

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Airport: Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (VABB)

Time & Date: 2021-08-22T14:00:00Z2021-08-22T15:00:00Z

Event Type: Fly-Out

ATIS : @Harsh_kumar
GROUND : @Harsh_kumar
TOWER : @Varunsehdev

Realistic Callsign’s have been assigned . If a pilot is flying for a VA , they can write their Callsign along with the route they wish to fly.

Air India Gates
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Singapore (3D) WSSS Air India 787-8 V04 @Lachlanavitor Air India 010AI
Colombo VCBI Air India A321-200 Remote C82 @
Cochin VOCI Air India 787-8 V06 @Captain_Dreamliner Air India 007AI
Bengaluru VOBL Air India A321-200 A11 @Ketan_Sanghvi Air India 231
Goa VOGO Air India A320-200 A10 @
Hyderabad VOHS Air India A320-200 A09 @Rohan625 Air India 625AI
Kolkata VECC Air India A320-200 A08 @Krsh7 Air India 001AI
Kolkata VECC Air India A320-200 C89 @Aniket Air India 029AI
Dehli VIDP Air India A321-200 A07 @if.dallas Air India 088AI
Ahmedabad VAAH Air India A321-200 A06 @
Muscat OOMS Air India A321-200 Remote C81 @
Dubai (3D) OMDB Air India 787-8 V07 @Sierra_Golf Air India 002AI
Abu Dhabi OMAA Air India A321-200 V08 @
Doha OTHH Air India 787-8 V09 @
Bahrain OBBI Air India A321-200 Remote C83 @
Dammam OEDF Air India A320-200 Remote C84 @
Riyadh OERK Air India 777-300ER V12 @
Jeddah (3D) OEJN Air India 787-8 V13 @minimaster Air India 380AI
Kuwait OKBK Air India A321-200 Remote C28 @
London (3D) EGLL Air India 777-300ER V14 @Mayank_Pawar Air India 131AI
New York (EWR) KEWR Air India 777-300ER V15 @Susheel_Krishna Air India 009AI
Kozhikode VOCL Air India A320-200 Remote C16 @
Tirupati VOTP Air India A320-200 Remote C13 @
Bhubaneswar VEBS Air India A321-200 Remote C10 @
Patna VEPT Air India A321-200 Remote C24 @
Lucknow VILK Air India A320-200 Remote C21 @ifmumbai Air India 006AI
Indore VAID Air India A320-200 Remote C31 @
Rajkot VARK Air India A320-200 Remote C87 @

International Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Tokyo Narita RJAA ANA 787-10 V16 @ All Nippon 830
Seoul (3D) RKSI Asiana Airlines A350-900 V17 @ Asiana 647
Hong Kong VHHH Cathay Pacific A330-300 V18 @Captain_Ry Cathay 660
Bangkok (3D) VTBS Thai Airways A350-900 V19 @ Thai 318
Singapore (3D) WSSS Singapore Airlines A330-300 V21 @ Singapore 802
Colombo VCBI SriLankan Airlines A330-300 V22 @That_Guy14 SriLankan 142
Mombasa HKMO Rwand Air A330-300 V25 @ Rwand 501
Addis Ababa (3D) HAAB Ethiopian Airlines A350-900 V26 @ Ethiopian 611
Muscat OOMS Oman Air A330-300 V27 @ Oman Air 202
Dubai (3D) OMDB Emirates 777-300ER V28 @ Emirates 501
Dubai (3D) OMDB FlyDubai 737-800 Stand R05 @Alexian61 FlyDubai 446
Dubai (3D) OMDB IndiGo A320-200 Stand R04 @ IndiGo 61
Dubai (3D) OMDB SpiceJet 737-900 Stand R03 @ SpiceJet 173
Abu Dhabi OMAA Etihad Airways 777-300ER V29 @El_YuainXD Etihad 205
Doha OTHH Qatar Airways A350-900 V30 @kit_v_kapushone Qatar 148VA
Bahrain OBBI Gulf Air A321-200 Stand K02 @ Gulf Air 57
Jeddah (3D) OEJN Saudi Arabian A319-100 Stand K01 @ Saudia 773
Cairo HECA Egypt Air A330-300 Stand K03 @ Egypt Air 87
Istanbul LTFM Turkish Airlines A330-300 V31 @askrdl Turkish 721
Zurich (3D) LSZH Swiss 777-300ER Stand K04 @ Swiss 50
Munich (3D) EDDM Lufthansa A330-300 K05 @ Lufthansa 680
Amsterdam EHAM KLM A330-300 V11 @ KLM 878
London (3D) EGLL Virgin Atlantic A330-300 V10 @ Virgin 355
London (3D) EGLL British Airways 777-200ER V05 @saad375 British Airways 138
New York (EWR) KEWR United 777-300ER K06 @RyMan United 830

Domestic Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Cochin VOCI IndiGo A320-200 A05 @ IndiGo 715
Bengaluru VOBL SpiceJet 737-900 A04 @ SpiceJet 377
Hyderabad VOHS IndiGo A320-200 A03 @ IndiGo 234
Kolkata VECC Jet Airways A330-300 V32 @Kintul_Shah Jet Airways 138VA
Kolkata VECC SpiceJet 737-900 A02 @ SpiceJet 244
Dehli VIDP IndiGo A320-200 A01 @ IndiGo 168
Ahmedabad VECC SpiceJet 737-900 Remote C20 @ SpiceJet 637
Goa VOGO IndiGo A320-200 Remote C19 @ IndiGo 195
Belgaum VOBM SpiceJet Dash 8 Q-400 Remote C18 @ SpiceJet 3746
Mangalore VOML IndiGo A320-200 Remote C17 @ IndiGo 5327
Trivandrum VOTV SpiceJet 737-900 Remote C15 @ SpiceJet 3556
Coimbatore VOCB IndiGo A320-200 Remote C14 @ IndiGo 878
Madurai VOMD SpiceJet 737-900 Remote C12 @ SpiceJet 660
Visakhapatnam VOVZ IndiGo A320-200 Remote C11 @ IndiGo 977
Jharsuguda VEJH SpiceJet 737-900 Remote C26 @ SpiceJet 551
Raipur VARP IndiGo A320-200 Remote C25 @ IndiGo 355
Varanasi VIBN SpiceJet 737-900 Remote C23 @ SpiceJet 201
Allahabad VIAL IndiGo A320-200 Remote C22 @ IndiGo 5914
Gorakhpur VEGK SpiceJet 737-900 Remote C33 @ SpiceJet 381
Bhopal VABP IndiGo A320-200 Remote C32 @ IndiGo 107
Jaipur VIJP SpiceJet 737-900 Remote C30 @ SpiceJet 276
Udaipur VAUD IndiGo A320-200 Remote C88 @Tom_Jennings IndiGo 749
Surat VASU SpiceJet Dash 8 Q-400 Remote C86 @ SpiceJet 6789

Cargo Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Addis Ababa (3D) HABB Ethiopian Cargo 777F Cargo Gate G03 @ Ethiopian Cargo 3617
Jeddah (3D) OEJN Saudia Cargo 777F Cargo Gate G04 @ Saudia Cargo 969
Dubai (3D) OMDB Emirates Sky Cargo 777F Cargo Gate G05 @ Sky Cargo 7891
Leipzig EDDP DHL 777F Cargo Gate S03 @ DHL 778
Frankfurt EDDF Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F Cargo Gate G02 @ Lufthansa Cargo 5520
Doha OTHH Qatar Cargo 777F Cargo Gate S02R @ Qatar Cargo 1230
Amsterdam EHAM TNT 777F Cargo Gate S01 @ TNT 44

In this section you will find all important event-related instructions and recommended procedures for your smooth sailing around and out of the airport.

Notams & Rules
  • Please Spawn in 15-20 mins before flight

  • Please use the airline and airplane that is assigned to the flight you choose

  • No pattern work will be allowed

  • Once your signed up add this to your calendar so you can remember the date and not miss out!

  • This event is a very special event for all of us at Air India Virtual and we would really appreciate it if you would take the time to join us during the celebration of our new event and make this a special one for us and everyone.

  • Air India Virtual takes or bears no responsibility for the pilots reported for offenses during this event.


Only RWY 27/09 will be in use to have a realistic departure.





Route Planner

FPL to IF (AIVA recommends using this for making your flight plans)


VABB Airport Chart

Here you can find all details about our partner for the event.

Indigo Virtual

Welcome to the official thread of IndiGo Virtual! Founded in late 2019, IndiGo Virtual (6EVA) is an IFVARB approved virtual airline based in India. Approved on the 16th of January 2020, the airline aims to bring the community together and to explore the beauty that lies within the Indian subcontinent. The airline also aims to offer flyers a professional and enjoyable experience.


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Here at Etihad Airways Virtual, we promise to deliver excellent service to the member of IFC joining our VA. We wish to make this VA one of the leading VA under the IFVARB & Infinite Flight Community.

With new routes, more codeshares & redesigned IFATC Schedule, we will feature the new experience of flying here!



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Requesting this gate please:

Callsign: Air India 007VA

Thank You! :)

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This One Pls! Thanks a lot!

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Hello @Captain_Dreamliner ,

Thanks for signing up! You have been added to this event successfully with service to VOCI!


I’ll take this route


Thank You! :) cant wait…


Hello @RyMan ,

Thanks for signing up! You have been added to this event as United 830 with service to KEWR!

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Thx again cant wait!!

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Hello @askrdl ,

Thanks for signing up! You have been added to this event as Turkish 655 with service to LFTM!

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Please sign me up for this


Can I change callsigns to TK721 which is the actual callsign for this route? TK655 is the callsign for Istanbul to Algiers

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Absolutely, I will change that now for you!

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Hello @Sierra_Golf ,

Thanks for signing up! You have been successfully added to this event! What callsign would you like?

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I will let you know

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Thank you!

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Could I take this one? (Callsign Air India 010VA)

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Hello @Lachlanavitor ,

Thanks for signing up! You have been added to this event as Air India 10VA with service to WSSS

Air india 001Va would love to fly this route!

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Hello @Krsh7 ,

Thanks for signing up! You have been added to this event as Air India 001VA with service to VECC

Can I get this one, please? Thanks
Callsign: AIVA 009