22AUG20 / 2000Z - Lets Throw It Back! Retro Flyout Series 1.1 @ KSFO

One and a half weeks left to sign up!

Can I have this gate please

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Sure! Do you want a 744 or a 772?

I will take this gate please thank you

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Sure! See you there!

747-400 please

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Can I take the A320 to Tacoma?

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Yep! See you there!

Got it! Thanks!

When else can you fly 747s and A318s at an event?
Who wants to sign up!

Good point! When else does an event offer old livery American…the best livery!

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I mean AirTran, Virgin America, Northwest, USAir, etc.
Great airlines and aircraft to fly!

A07 AF to Paris.

Got it! See you there!

Can I have this one please

You may indeed!

I’ll take any gate, but can it be a United 737-800 to Fort Lauderdale?

Sure it can be!

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Gate E69, a gate that used to be part of BA F but now is in BA E

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Hello! Could I have the United 737-800 to Phoenix please? The gate does not really matter to me.